Prayer Points


Leaders: Jorden Bonanno (TL), Ashton Loehr (ATL)

Members: Jared Dargan, Zach Holderness, Benjamin Hong, Keziah Johnson, Reagan Kingsley, Anastacia Kreider, Vanessa Matlock, Katelyn Patterson, Kalvin Payne, Morgan Reeves, Elisabeth Roames, Gicaree Valentine, Taylor Lee

1. We would like prayer for relationships in Belize. Prayer that the Lord mends relationships with families, and friends.

2. Prayer that we might be able to grow and build leaders while we are in Belize.

3. Prepare their hearts for our team, and prepare our hearts for the people in Belize.

4. Prayer that we might be able to refresh the contacts while we are there.

5. Prayer that we will encourage and support our contacts while we are there.

6. Prayer that the Lord will pour out blessings onto our contacts.



Leaders: Joe Edens (TL), Alexis Lowell (ATL)

Members: Jazlin Asencio, Aaron Brown, Michael Buonaiuto, Ezra Chavez, Elizabeth Kukharchuk, Tolu Mejolagbe, Afriye Phillips, Annabelle Randall, Alexander Sanchez, Alexis, Sauter, Natalie Tims, Isaac Tohougnon 

1. Spiritual strength for the team coming into contact with witchcraft.

2. Wisdom for team leaders.

3. Starting houses of prayer throughout the country.

4. Provision for our contacts.

5. Open hearts to receive the Gospel.

6. Health for the Team.

7. Boldness to Preach the Gospel.



Leaders: Ali Stoner (TL), Silas Randall (ATL)

Members: Arielle Edwards, Royal Martin-Navidad, Bethany McLeod, Brittany Mendanhall, Jordan Mendanhall, Meredythe Olsen, Eugina Phan, Faith Storie  

1. Rebirth of zeal and a new focus for our contact's ministry in Cochabamba, Bolivia.    Increased faith of those ministering, that will sustain and bring strength to their discipleship of Bolivians. They would be blessed with a grace to "not grow weary & continue the race with fervor".

2. Each team member would be blessed with creative, innovative, God-breathed dreams & ideas of how to be an imitator of Jesus in Bolivia. That these dreams would become utilized in our future ministries as well.

3. That each team member would advance as a "whole person" throughout the process of preparing for the mission to go to Bolivia & also while in the country.

4. Team Bolivia would be covered in a spirit of humility & grace – that we would rely on the Lord's strength and never our own.

5. That God would have His way in Bolivia. That every Bolivian will have heard the Name of Jesus.


Brazil Amazon

Leaders: Charles Adams (TL), Mariah Morgan (ATL)

Members: Alida Dahsyla, Nicolas Guajardo, Megan Guico, Will Jenkins, Susane Muniz, Benjamin Ramirez, Aly Reagan, Diamond Rucker, Maria Stordahl, Joshua White, Lauren Wood

1. Unity amongst our team, that the people of Brazil will see God in the way we treat each other

2. Finances and the people on our team who are unsure about going

3. Our contacts

4. The country and the people

5. Each individual, hold each other accountable, lay down our rights for our team members  


Burkina Faso

Leaders: Arvin Sepehr (TL), Taylor Brooks (ATL)

Members: Soloman Castillo, Nicole Hilton, Danielle Koke, Jacob Taylor Martin, Amber Meriwether, Ron Parker, Renessa Remirez, Troy Robinson, Ali Thompson, Tara Ward, Sarah Young

1. Team Unity

2. Innovative and creative ideas to minister to the children of Burkina Faso

3. Flexible and openness to what the Holy Spirits wants to do 



Leaders: Nathan Westerink (TL), Giovanna Guajardo (ATL)

Members: Amber Banks, Tiffany Barrington, Alana Brand, Hannah Covington, Brittany Douthitt, Kent King Jr., Alyssa Ressel, Arianna Ruben, Elizabeth Shoulders, Nathan Sjoberg, Matt Stauros, Sarah Stephens

1. Healing within each member emotionally and physically.

2. Unity within the team. Persistence and good attitudes with each other.

3. Love for the people and children in Chile and wisdom for the prisoners and dealing with them.

4. Empowerment for the people of Chile and within one another.


China North

Leaders: Josh Means (TL), Danielle Asmus (ATL)

Members: Niles Abston, Taylor Casper, Blake Basham, Gracie Choisnard, Madison Cole, Jesse Enriquez, Karla Herrera, Kelley Hood, David Jones, Thang Piang, Kati Tifft 

1.Our team would come together and be unified, to work as one cohesive unit.

2. Our team would experience and inward growth and change that would change their lives forever.

3. The children of New Day Foster Home would feel the love of the Father.

4. Our Contacts would find peace and rest in their every day tasks while caring for the children. 


China South

Leaders: Zachary Swalley (TL), Ali Graham (ATL)

Members: Samuel Bako, Ashleigh Cain, Gina Condly, Megan Esposito, Alex Gillaspie, Jamal Johnson, Natasha Maldonado, Camille Orgel  

1. Pray for the safety, protection, and provision for the pastors and ministers of China who are risking their lives spreading the Gospel and the love of Christ in a closed country. 

2.  Working with the International church we will be doing community outreach. Please pray that through these outreaches we will touch the heart of Shanghai, China. 

3. Pray for the contact, Allen Theobald. He is ORU alumni and is serving as a youth pastor in Shanghai. 

4. Pray for the tens of thousands of people whose homes and lives were devastated by a giant typhoon in late September across Southeast China. 


Costa Rica

Leaders: Mark Keil (TL), Joni McLeod (ATL)

Members: Josh Badal, Shiloh Carlisle, Elizabeth Coyne, Valeria Hernandez, Ross Jones, Tamoura Morris, Samuel Rodriguez, Elizabeth Serano, Caroline Sharp, Sara White, Jasmyne Williams

1. That we would be a blessing to the people we serve

2. That everyone we come in contact with would be healed and renewed physically, mentally, and emotionally

3. That we would have a better understanding of our purpose and God's heart; that our eyes would be opened to the things the Lord wants us to see

4. That the people we meet would feel joy and that we will leave them with something lasting

5. That the Lord would rejuvenate the contacts and fill them with energy on a daily basis.


Dominican Republic

Leaders: Megan Easton (TL), Joshua Verner (ATL)

Members: Shianne Arguello, Jeremy Beyer, Abby Brandt, Antionette Dandan, Chloe Kinchlow, Jordan Maddox, Erika Plyashko, Cindy Vega, Christiana Walden 

1. Safety for the team

2. Increased measure of faith to see God's hand move through miracles

3. For the Spirit to move in the hearts and minds of the people

4. To have a lasting impact, not only spiritually, but through medicine

5. For the contacts to be blessed and have a renewed intensity for their calling in the Dominican Republic



Leaders: Jon Grogan (TL), Mandy Roso (ATL)

Members: Rachel Long, Morgan Beebe, Ian Bush, Kayla Campbell, Pamela Castillo, Erin Clothier, Micahl Beth Freeman, Eric Gavin, Junior Jaudus, David Niclas, Joshua Olvera, Rebecca Olvera, Lauren Percival, Jerrod Sloan, Alex White, Ciara Wohlgemuth

1. Pray for boldness for the team as we come in contact with many Germans that want nothing to do with Jesus.

2. Pray for our team as we interact with prostitutes. Pray that we will have wisdom of what to say to them and how to show them Christ's love.

3. Pray that our team will come up with creative ways on how to reach and connect with the children we will be working with on a daily basis.

4. Pray that we will bless and support our contacts Miriam and Alim Qaiyum over in Germany. Pray that we will not only speak into those hearts that we are sharing the gospel with but also be able to speak into and encourage Miriam and Alim themselves.



Leaders: Brian Blackwell (TL), Abby Wells (ATL)

Members: Momena Ali, Michael Colunga, Michayla Evans, Joel Garza, Danielle Glover, Christina Martinez De La Cruz, Morgan Matthews, Jasmine Schwab, Joseph Sickler, Mackenzie Walker 

1. For our team to have Safety, Protection, Unity, and be open to new opportunities and experiences.

2. Language barrier to be broken, that the gospel would be communicated effectively.

3. That we would be sensitive to the needs of the people we get to minister to, and that we would have boldness to speak out what we feel in our hearts.

4. Transitions in our contacts staff positions as they have grown and expanded to new outreaches; and Christy and Michael who are having a baby in June.

5. Peace for the Guatemalan people we will be ministering to, that their lives would be covered with the peace of God. and that they would see God’s love through us.


India M2N

1. Pray for the financial stability of our contacts, Ray and his team, whose only income is through donation.

2. Pray that there would be growth in the influence of Face2Face and the prayer movement they are starting in Bangalore.  

3. Pray that the Lord would raise up a spirit of spontaneous and prophetic worship with our team.

4. Pray that the Lord would give us wisdom as we speak and train worship leaders during their internship program.

5. Pray that the time we spend in prayer and worship while leading this prayer house would be used by the Lord to impact change in the city of Bangalore.  


India North

Leaders: Jacob Fitch (TL), Cora Skjaerlund (ATL)

Members: Rohan Aby, Whitney Cook, Sarah Falluo, Katie Foley, Mary Foley, Carey Herrera, Drew Howell, Jaymee Mosesman, Kimberley Russel, Serena Sanchez, Christina Williams, Vee Wood

1. For the hearts of the children at Sarah’s Covenant Homes to be open and receptive to the love of the Father and that through this they would come to see God as their  heavenly Father.

2. For physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing in the children at Sarah’s Covenant Homes.

3. Peace, patience, and passion for the team. That we would partner with the

Father’s heart everyday and passionately pursue those who are on His heart.

4. That all those on staff for ICM (India Christian Ministries) and Sarah’s Covenant

Homes would be refreshed and reenergized in the work the Lord has called them to.

5. For the expansion of ICM’s influence across all of Andhra Pradesh.


India South

Leaders: Augustine Mendoza (TL), Nydia Gutierrez (ATL)

Members: Hannah Davis, Jennifer Figueroa, Kayla Hanohano, Luke Kulp, Angelica Lee, Rachel Lowing, Bethany Mueller, Josh Riechers, Jessica Sobel, Sarah Swanson, Francesca Vasquez, Tamika Wiley

1. That our hearts would be yielded (corporately and individually), prepared, unified, compassionate and pouring out Christ’s love.

2. That we would be expectant and receive God’s vision for Kerala, India.

3. That we would be a blessing to our contact and that he would feel loved and included.

4. That we would be able to plant and tend seeds of change and healing in the hearts of the people

5. That they would realize that they are loved, have value and worth, are cherished, and accepted by Christ.

6. That the Holy Spirit would continually prepare the atmosphere and hearts of the people to receive the Gospel.



Leaders: Daniel Jones (TL), Hayley Sharp (ATL)

Members: Mitchell Day, Kathleen Gibbs, Abel Guzman, Brittany Harp, Keli Lamberg, Christiana Lewis, Zoar Munoz, Jordan Renfroe, Alyssa Ryker, Taylor Sullen, Ricardo Tome, Rachel Voigtlauder

1. As a team, we pray that the people of Turin, Italy will be healed spiritually, mentally, and physically. That the bondage that have tried to overtake them will be broken off in the name of Jesus. That they will know that the Father loves them, that He sent Jesus because He loves them, and that He desires to know them.

2. We pray that, as a team, we be an example of passionate, dynamic, spirit filled life. That we view the people there as people and not projects. That we honor our contact and the host culture.

3. We pray for our contacts that are in Turin. We pray that they find rest and peace in their occupation of bring the gospel. We pray that You, Lord, remind them of Your promises and why You called them to that region in the first place. We pray that You also give them a fresh new vision for the ministry that You have them doing. Remind them who You are to them.



Leaders: Molly Chips (TL), Khari Johnson (ATL)

Members: Benji Armstrong, Kaylei Atchley, Christa Cervantes, Elizabeth Foreman, Naomi Jimenez, Kyle Ng, Seth Quant, Charmell Peterson, Sierra Quant, Nancy Shereni, Aiodago Uises

1. Pray for our teams funds that we can raise enough for the trip

2. Pray for Japan that God will soften their hearts so we can teach them the Word

3. Pray for our contacts that we can be very helpful and bless them with God's love



Leaders: Jonathan Hyre (TL), Elena Ottaviano (ATL)

Members: Miriam Byrtus, Aysha Campbell, Jonathan Cregor, Ashley Dewar, Shelby Duncan, Miguel Godinez, Quinton Jones, Michelle Rojas, John Sullivan, Matthew Trim, Kaitlyn Tumy

1. Pray for preparation for the trip and for God to move even in the mundane moments when we question God’s calling and His voice

2. Pray for the contacts in Malawi, that they would be renewed and we would be able to adequately serve them and make them feel full of worth and value and they would not question their work in the missions field

3. Pray that our ministry and service would be effective, to the point that Malawi would not be the same when we leave, even if that simply affects one person in Malawi; and that seeds would be planted that would continue to be developed in our absences, and most importantly, that people would come to know Jesus Christ as their savior

4. Pray for economic blessing for the country of Malawi, and physical and spiritual healing to people whom are hurting and need the touch of God; and that the Holy Spirit would be present and combat the spread of AIDS and other diseases

5. Finally, pray that we would see everyone through the eyes of God and that our very heartbeat would math God’s Himself allowing us to be utterly obedient to Him in any circumstance 



Leaders: David Fraser (TL), Katelyn Quattlebaum (ATL)

1. That the team is unified and humble to do God's Will

2. That will meet the needs that Mrs. Gonzalez our contact has both in practical ministry, and in personal outreach to her and the children of "His House"

3. That we show the love of God to those around us, and that we are bold to share the gospel in ways that will be effective and lasting.

4. That we leave each child with a smile.

5. That we encourage God's plan for their lives through either discovery, or affirming the gifts and callings within them.



Leaders: Nicole Hopkins (TL), Nate Avery (ATL)

Members: Benjamin Sherrill, Stephen Guzman, Josh Phillips, Nathan Lovell, Olivia Taverna, McKayla, Merrell, Julie Tarno, Rachel Rummage, Alyana Abonales, Rachel Galfo, Daniela Popa, Danielle Montalvo, Mallory Miller, Victoria Barnett

1. 81% of Nepalese people are Hindu; pray that the Holy Spirit would break the bondage of spiritual giants.

2. Pray for divine healing for the sick and hurting Nepalese.

3. Pray that our contacts, INF, would be encouraged specifically through the unity of the Christian church in Nepal.

4. Pray for divine appointments to speak the Word of God over the lives of the Nepalese.

5. Pray for people, especially children, to find a new hope in their identity in Jesus Christ.



Leaders: Andrea Perry (TL), Micah Juengel (ATL)

Members:  Daniel Clark, Azariah Hedarah, Taylor Kothe, Shawn Madison, Krystle Sanders, Chad Smith, Rachel Meirnik

1. Pray for culture and unity amongst team members.

2. Pray for effective ways to teach basic business principles to the people of Nicaragua.

3. Pray for the hearts of the Nicaraguans to be open not only to business teachings, but also ministry and Jesus.

4. Pray for clear and effective communication throughout our team, the business department, and our contacts.

5. Pray for smooth, safe, and timely travels to, from, and throughout the country.



Leaders: Lacey Russ (TL)

Members: Kelly Boileau, Wyatt Bullard, Eva Carrizales, McKensie Garber, Brianna Garcia, Michelle Gomez-Schieber, Chatoyre Guider, Alexandria Hurt, Averi Lange, Harley Liechty, Caleb Lutz, Ashley Reynolds, Maisha Mitchell, Hannah White, Nathaniel Woods

1. That our contacts, Shawn and Sara, would be revived and encouraged through our team

2. For our team to connect with the many children we will be working with at the Serving Paraguay orphanage/school

3. Team unity as we just got a new ATL recently and have had several members drop

4. Each member would be closer to knowing the heart of Jesus by the end of our trip

5. That we would leave Paraguay, Serving Paraguay, our contacts and this experience better than we found it.


Puerto Rico

Leaders: Rachel Scroggs (TL), Brandon Richards (ATL)

1. That we would be spiritually, physically, and emotionally unified as a team our entire trip.

2. That God's spirit would guide our team to reach the people of Puerto Rico for the long term effect.

3. That God would work through us to empower our contact and renew his vision for his community. 


Russia M2N

1. Safety. Please pray that no one nothing would harm us in the airport, on the airplane, and on the field as we try and spread the gospel.

2. Wisdom and Revelation. That God would give us wisdom and give us a revelation of how much He loves us, so we can effortlessly convey the same  love to others.

3. Opened Eyes and Ears. Pray that people would be open to and recognize the truth when we share it with them.

4. Our Contacts. Pray that the godly men and women of Russia will not grow weary of doing good.


Sacramento Mercy

Leaders: Nicole Tucker (TL), Jadyn Tumpkin (ATL)

Members: Marissa Medina, Jessica Clodfelter, Sara Haag, Corrine Seay, Kayla Swanson, Kendall McKitrick, Sam Magnaye

1. The team would be relatable to the Women at Mercy. 

2. The contacts at Mercy would be revived and refreshed.

3. The women at Mercy would see our Joy and Love and know they are invited to participate. 

4. The team would learn to share the gospel effectively and fearlessly even in their own culture.

5. Jesus would reveal himself through the Team; lives would be restored and healed through Jesus.  


Sierra Leone

Members: Ali Hey, Isaiah Campbell,

1. That we would hear the voice of the Lord speaking to each of us about our callings and ministries as we learn what it is like to be full-time missionaries.

2. For our contacts, Pastor Gregory and Pastor Agnes, that we would have deep friendships with them as we serve and honor their church.

3. We are longing to see Islamic conversions, healings and the powerful movement of the Holy Spirit.

4. The Global Equip Conference that will be taking place during the last two weeks of our trip. Prayer for safe travels for the pastors coming from around the nations, and that the Holy Spirit would move powerfully during the training.

5. Financial provision and safety for the team.


South Africa

Leaders: John Chau (TL), Liz Arnold (ATL)

Members: Spencer Click, Megan Giles, Kylie Johnson, Chris Kroeze, Clara Kwesha, Tahlor Lyman, Edgardo Mira, Kayla Nsien, Danielle Pettygrove, Javier Reye, Joline Rimes, Isaac Sandoval, Anna Solberg, Ryan Wiet 

1. Pray for safety and protection (from physical and spiritual attacks) for our team

2. Pray that our team bonds together so that we're even closer than a family!

3. Pray that the team will seize every opportunity to preach the Gospel and that they stay focused on doing so.

4. Pray for protection, encouragement, and rejuvenation for our contacts and their families

5. Pray for a revival in Ocean View, Masiphumelele, and all of Cape Town, and that previously closed hearts will now be opened to the Gospel.


South Dakota

TL: Lauren Branz     ATL: Jason Proffitt

1. To instill hope and joy in the people of Pine Ridge through our team unity.

2. To give the people of Pine Ridge a relatable knowledge of Jesus Christ, encouraging a personal encounter with Him

3. To serve our contact, Jake Jones, in every way possible

4. Protection for our team and Jake as we travel


Leaders: Austin Whitaker (TL), Tim De Silva (ATL)

Members: Jonathan Banegas, Rex Berg, Zach Bernadsky, Kurien Cary, Graham Ford, Gabe Kanelopoulos, Isaac Liston, Jonathan Mannis, Derrick McCoy, Ryan Trujillo

1. Unification of our team, and that we would withstand any attacks or division that might come our way

2. For preparation in our hearts and minds for the people of Tanzania

3. For the protection of our team during preparation, travels, and time of ministry

4. That we would be a blessing to our contact, Tori and that he would be refreshed and encouraged during our stay

5, That God would perform miracles and that the people’s eyes would be opened to the glory and power of Christ  



Leader: Gabe Stark (TL), Hannah Brandt (ATL)

Members: Janelle Andrus, Cheyenne Barrington, Angela Blyer, Megan Cain, Mary Irwin, Jakare James, Bethany Johnson, Crystal Narvaez, Deborah Santillan 

1. Pray for peace of the current political unrest in Thailand.

2. Pray for increase in enrollment at Santisuk English school, and that God would bless their ministry.

3. Pray that we would take advantage of classroom opportunities that every student would hear the gospel and be connected with the local church.

4. Pray that we would develop friendships with our students that we would be able to more effectively share the gospel.



Leaders: Arielle Harrison (TL), Adam Giedd (ATL)


Members: Jeff Barker, David Bedinghaus, Jessica Collier, Elaine Gibson, Maureen Kanayo, Mary Shaffer, Brynn West, Zay Williams, Fallan Wrigh

1. They we will have open hearts and open doors to share Christ's hope and love in Toronto.

2. That we will be a blessing to our contacts and have opportunities to humbly serve them. 

3. That our team will be unified, strong, and completely provided for



Leaders: Meka Comier (TL), Kevin Trujillo (ATL)

Members: Billy Barrentes, Angela Dance, Phillip Fagan, Melody Helmer, Elisha Jordan, Natalie Lachowicz, Bridget Mitchell, Renay Olandese, April Schaffer, Mariah Taylor

1. Contacts (Israel and family) and their ministry

2. The people of Uganda to be encouraged and empowered

3. Protection for the team and contacts as we travel throughout Uganda

4. Wisdom and discernment to minister the gospel to the unreached. Islam has the largest converts in the nation.

5. Pure hearts and motives within the team. That there would be no hidden agendas that would hinder God from moving in and through us.


Ukraine (team is relocated to the Philippines)

Leaders: Jaime Bofferding (TL), David Brandt (ATL)

Members: Brendan Campagna, Siyana Chekanov, Kevin Gamas, Mariah Lipnick, Ben Marsh, Karina Rios, Alissa Voth, Jaydee Voyles, Joshua Williams, Matt Wynn 

1.  That rioting in Kiev, the capitol, would cease, and that political, generational, and economical tension will resolve peacefully.  

2.  That Christians would be a voice of truth during the political crisis that is plaguing the nation right now

3.  That the children we will be ministering to will be loved and that broken homes will be restored.  Pray that our team will be able to share with these kids how they can have hope for the future, a greater self-worth, and a passion for the word of God.  (Vision, Value, and Voracity)

4.  That our contacts will be blessed and encouraged through us

5.  That our team will place God on a pedestal in all things, and that His love will be communicated clearly no matter what the ministry, location or situation.



Leaders: Dami Alao (TL), Rebecca Winstead (ATL)

Members: Kenneth Hearn, Tara Traxler, Madison McDaniel, Anika Allen, Ciara Wohlgemuth, AB Ebimiere

1. Spiritual covering and protection in Wilmington.

2. Discernment.

3. Spirit lead leadership.

4. Complete team unity.




Leaders: Alan Thompson (TL), Ashley Choe (ATL)

Members: Hannah Davis, Jessica Desir, Victoria Grant, Gabriel Griffin, Ruth Mungai, Violet Mwanza, Sean Ostrander, Micah Samuelson, Elizabeth Schmid, Kalen Swartz

1. Zambia is a Christian nation and we need to pray against the dilution of Christianity in its society and pray that Zambia will always uphold the foundation and narrow path it chose.

2. There are many voices and forces that are trying to pull the country in different ways. Let us pray for Zambia and its people to find their identity and calling in God. For God to protect Zambia and its people against any attack from the devil. Pray for God to give council and support for the leadership of Zambia and build a character of servant hood in them, and in all the people of Zambia.

3. Pray for its children, its resources, its leaders and its enemies; pray for those who want to exploit Zambia, we pray that God works in their hurts. We pray that Zambia and its people are used for the glory of God and we pray that they will come back to his will.

4. We pray for an overflowing of the Holy Spirit in Zambia. And we pray that Zambia will be a light to its region and to this world; of Gods goodness, grace and love. We pray for joy, love and Gods abundance in Zambia.

5. We ask for team unity, open hearts and open eyes to all that te Holy Spirit wants to do. We pray for God to Guide every step and offer ourselves to God as a living sacrifice to be used by him, in his will. (Romans 12:1) We speak Psalm 91 over our team asking for protection over each and every one of us. We pray that no weapon forged against us will prosper. We pray for forgiveness for our wrongs and thank God for what him did for us on the cross.