Prayer Points

ORU Missions / Spring Break :




Team Wilmington

Leaders: Chris Dart (TL), Maria Stordahl (ATL)

Members: Ezra Chavez, Rebekah Clough, Matthew Dean, Cat Klarich, Anna Martin, McKenna Qualls, Victoria Rosario, Ashley Sperrey, Lindsay Wootton  

Prayer Points:

  1. That the youth of Wilmington, DE would find life, purpose, freedom, love, and provision in Jesus Christ. 
  2. That our team would have a heart to see not only the need, but the strengths of each person we serve, and be able to call those out and encourage them in hope.  
  3. That we would be a blessing of support, aid, and encouragement to our contacts, who tirelessly serve the youth of inner-city Wilmington. 
  4. That God would reveal to each of us what it means to be His child, and that our motivation, service, and unity as a team would stem from that. 

Team South Dakota

Leaders: Holly Garland (TL), Jay-Cee Brass (ATL)

Members: Tiffany Barrington, Bre Campbell, Emily Downing, Abigail Feltham, Philip Girard, Ashlynn Green, Blayne Hisquierdo, Kennia Melendez, David Sauer, Khina Subedi, Jourdan Winkler 

Prayer Points:

  1. Pray that the sickness and obstacles our team has already been facing be completely removed.
  2. Pray for protection as we are driving to and from the reservation.
  3. Pray for openness in the Native Americans we come in contact with. That they would be willing to listen and accept what God has for them.
  4. Pray that we are able to bring a strong force of hope and love to the reservation as a united team.
  5. Pray that all chains will be broken and healing will take forth throughout the entire trip.

Team St. Louis Mercy

Leaders: Taylor Brooks (TL), Anna Solberg (ATL)

Members: Sara Bikis, Antoinette Dandan, Alessandra Dandan, Gladwell Kamaru, Serena Sanchez, Debbie Santillan, April Schafer    

Prayer Points:

  1. For an increase in team unity.  Helping build one another our faith, while also growing closer to God and one another.
  2. To utilize this season to allow God to transform our lives and be open to the things He has for us.
  3. For each of us to be open to have a heart of compassion for the young women at Mercy.
  4. For the spiritual growth and development of every young woman in the Mercy Ministries program, and for those who have graduated and are walking in healing and touching those around them.
  5. For the spiritual well-being of all of the staff working on a daily basis to help the young women at Mercy Ministries.

Team Sacramento Mercy

Leaders: Lauren Branz (TL), Sarah Young (ATL)

Members: Emelia Ambos, Audrey Gray, Lauren Haas, Christina Lewis, Sam Magnaye, Kylie Presley, Christian Thompson, Francesca Vazquez  

Prayer Points:

  1. Pray for unity, friendship and authenticity within the girls on our team.  
  2. Pray that we will be able to minister using our testimonies to the girls at Mercy. 
  3. Pray that we will have open hearts for what God wants to do in us and through us at Mercy.
  4. Pray that we can bless the contacts very individually and serve them practically, spiritually, and emotionally.
  5. Pray for safety as we travel to California.




Team Dominican Republic

Leaders: Jessi Yanovitch (TL), Colin Eash (ATL)

Members: Reid Andrews, Angela Blyer, Lizzie Clark, Victoria Cocco, Michael Estrada, Isabella Harrison, Linhchi Lai, Tang Wai Nathaniel Lam, James Luth, Camden Rigney, Jessica Sabatka, Cristina Sale, Aymee St Pierre, Sarah Stanley, Cindy Vega, Hayley Young 

Prayer Points:

  1. Boldness and clearness of mind as we interact with people and utilize our God given talents in the medical.
  2. Opportunities to reignite passion for the field in our contact. 
  3. To show Jesus to people medically, emotionally, and spiritually so that they know they are loved. 
  4. Spiritual and mental protection as we pour out our hearts for the hurting people in the DR.

Team Puerto Rico

Leaders: Joni McLeod (TL), Quinton Jones (ATL)

Members: Mariah Ashlock, Alex Bakkeby, Kelly Boileau, Johnlee Garza, Jamie Jeemon, Carissa Ortegon, Victoria Schingzing, Matt Woodward 

Prayer Points:

  1. Children of Puerto Rico find Salvation.
  2. We learn to love each other first.
  3. We can bring refreshment to our contacts.
  4. We find God in a deeper way.
  5. We can bring freedom to everyone we encounter.

Team Nicaragua

Leaders: Alexandra McDonald (TL), Isaac Rodriguez (ATL)

Members: Lydia Alabach, Rachel Anderson, Elisha Jordan, Kirsti Littleford, Sara Martinez, Cara Philip, Chenoa Simpson, Tiana Woods  

Prayer Points:

  1. Open hearts that are receptive to the Jesus and clear communication.
  2. We have a servant’s heart and joy as we are serving.
  3. We leave a positive lasting impact on the community and contact.

Team Toronto

Leaders: Brittany Hamilton (TL), Gabriel Griffin (ATL)

Members: Michala Cain, Joshua Gallego, Hunter Meyers, Tamrah Patterson, Julianna Sherman, Faith Sweet  

Prayer Points:

  1. To have a specific word of knowledge for the kids we minister to and to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit.
  2. To build real, meaningful relationships with those we encounter, even if it's just one person.
  3. For team unity to work together as an effective unit and to be safe during our daily travels.
  4. That everyone we come in contact with would experience God's love by our actions towards them and towards each other.
  5. To truly connect with contacts because they're the ones who actually stay there. 


ORU Missions / 2 Weeks :


// ISRAEL //


Team Israel Asher

Leaders: Ryan Henley (TL), Parmela Coy (ATL)

Members: Samuel Baquera, Alana Brand, Kristina Carter, Joey Hall, Ashley Hazzard, Monique Hills, Hannah Johnson, Christy Kaneta, Laurie Kaneta, Sarah Lofland, Nicole Morgan, Kaitlyn Pena, Ethan Scott, Timothy Turner

Prayer Points:

  1. God will give us wisdom as we communicate with a diverse culture. Wisdom to speak from a loving standpoint and wisdom to empathize with their story but to follow through with delivering hope and the love of Christ for them.
  2. Every individual on the team will be able to seek God in prayer and to set aside self to be sensitive to what God wants.
  3. Our motives for going to Israel will remain pure so that God can really use us as vessels for His will while we're there.
  4. Our motives for going to Israel will remain pure so that God can really use us as vessels for His will while we're there.
  5. Unity within team and for successful communication and understanding.

Team Israel Benjamin

Leaders: Kevin Trujillo (TL), Rachelle Rummage (ATL)

Members: Anika-Michiko Allen, Angela Dance, Peter Elliot, Whitney Folluo, River Galloway, Julian Gomez, Clint Hendricks, David Jones, Taylor Kerby, Tamininu Kuku, Melanie Mccallister, Joanne Parrinello, Chase Turner   

Prayer Points:

  1. Pray for peace and safety of Israel and for the knowledge of Jesus to go forth and bring reconciliation between people groups.
  2. Pray we would be able to encourage our contact and they and their family would be strengthened and refreshed and they would receive new vision for God would have for them.
  3. Pray that our team would be unified and walking in boldness, sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and operating from the overflow of God’s presence to be a clear reflection of Jesus to the people in Israel.

Team Israel Judah

Leaders: Christian Polus (TL), Julianne Gonzalez (ATL)

Members: Sara Bennett, Dewayne Bryant, Maria Davila, Deborah Elomobor, Victor Frischknecht, Quentin Harrup, Hillary Le, Princess London, Carina Nava, Elizabeth Serrano, Rachel Voigtlander, Nathaniel Walden    

Prayer Points:

  1. Our contacts.
  2. Divine appointments.
  3. Israel Teams unification.
  4. Prayer for each other.

Team Israel Zebulun

Leaders: Raquel Fletcher (TL), Micah Samuelson (ATL)

Members: Felipe Ceja, Jenna Cheung, Courtney Dilley, D’Laney Jevas, Matthew Kern, Amanda Larson, Elizabeth Lockmuller, Fernando Merizalde, Alex Mills, Somadina Orjiekwe, Leah Rosey, Bailey Thompson

Prayer Points:

  1. That we remain with clear eyes and full hearts, that our motives remain pure and that we desire nothing less than delivering the pure gospel and that we would have wisdom and guidance in doing so (1 Corinthians 2:1-5).
  2. That our team delivers full love for all people, remaining sensitive to culture and sensitive to the voice of God.
  3. That our teams works if full unity, complimenting each other’s strengths and weaknesses. That we are venerable with one another, serving one another in great love with humble hearts (John 13:35). 
  4. That we don't limit God with our own expectations (Isaiah 55:9). 

Team Israel Naphtali

Leaders: Adam Giedd (TL), Christi Sleiman (ATL)

Members: Macy Cochran, Amy Escobar, Seth Huber, Brenale Johnson, Keren Leon, Connor McGraw, Ysabella Ortegon, Samuel Ouedraogo, Paola Robayo, Jonas Tucker-Alleyne, Hunter Zier 

Prayer Points:

  1. Pray that our message would be proven by miracle.
  2. Pray that we would hear the Holy Spirit so that every act of ministry is guided by Him.
  3. Pray that we would know how to be a blessing to our contacts.

Team Israel Simeon

Leaders: Joseph Sims (TL), Daniela Popa (ATL)

Members: Nicole Adcock, Alejandro Cevallos, Emily Dzurilla, Mona Espinosa, Katherine Flores, Samuel Jebaraj, Ross Jones, Sinwook Kang, Mary Kleinhans, Kathryn Meyer, Ning Sian Nun, Olivia Willhoite

Prayer Points:

  1. Team unity.
  2. Safety for team and contacts.
  3. Open and receptive hearts of those we will minter to.

Team Israel Reuben

Leaders: Michelle Paulson (TL), Caleb Lutz (ATL)

Members: Cainan Balagia, Faith Edwards, Amelia Faulkner, David Floyd, Reo Hakozaki, Brooke Peabody, Julienne Richendollar, Faith Risher, Moses Soto, Sydney Stoever, Rachel Taupin, Victoria-Lauren Ybarra 

Prayer Points:

  1. Pray that the Lord would reveal to our team his heart for the people of Israel and that we would exhibit the fruits of the spirit when working with them.
  2. Please pray that the Lord would bring refreshment to our contacts, and that we would be an encouragement and support to them.
  3. Please pray that our team would have unity, empowerment by the spirit, passion for the mission, a greater desire for Jesus, and a willingness to do whatever God asks.
  4. Please pray that above all else, we would bring glory and honor to the name of Jesus. 

Team Israel Ephraim

Leaders: Briauna Hoyt (TL), Joel Moisa (ATL)

Members: Alvaro Contreras, Lesley Elizondo, Carissa Gutierrez, Connie Hammond, Lauren Hendricks, Victoria Henshaw, Justin Huber, Kuewon Lee, Jori Marshall, Genesis Mora, Crystal Narvaez, Peter Salamone, Katherine Sherwood 

Prayer Points:

  1. Pray that the Lord can help us be servants, and serve our contact and the people of Israel. 
  2. Pray that our team can be confident in Jesus Christ, so that we can represent Him boldly and compassionately.
  3. Pray that our team can be affective in showing the people of Israel the love of Jesus Christ to those that may have never heard of Him.
  4. Pray that the Lord will use us as vessels to heal the hearts of the refugees that have lost their homes and much more.
  5. Pray that the Lord can help us use the gifts that he given has our team to affectively minister to the people of Israel. 

Team Israel Levi

Leaders: Thomas Aeschleman (TL), Hannah Fruh (ATL)

Members: Emily Bishop, Abigail Coats, Ryan De La Rosa, Sabrina Diaz, Emily Freel, Xhulio Guri, Tammera McClenton, Timofey Plyushko, Brooklyn Skeie, Katie Smith, Angelica Wilson 

Prayer Points:

  1. Peace and divine protection for Jerusalem and the Empowered 21 Conference.
  2. Safety, protection, unity, humbleness, patience and an attitude of gratitude for our team.
  3. For the Holy Spirit to guide us in our time of ministry to the people of Jerusalem.
  4. Prayer for open hearts for those who we will be ministering to and for grace to share the love of God with the hurting in the city of Jerusalem.
  5. Prayer for the spirit of understanding within our group and as we minister to the people of Jerusalem.

Team Israel Gad

Leaders: Nic Mills (TL), Katelyn Patterson (ATL)

Members: Kalista Balagia, Jessica Fuentes, Cingza Gin, Devin Hogue, Hannah Hubner, Chloe Kennedy, Anna Kirby, Nic Luna, Erick Montalvan, Lee Soctt II, Anna Shupe    

Prayer Points:

  1. Pray that we would be able to encourage and strengthen the people that we are working with/for in Bethlehem and that we would be led by the Spirit in doing so.
  2. Pray that we would be broken vessels that God can use in whatever way he wants, and that the focus would not be on us but on God and His people.
  3. Pray for safety and blessing during the E21 Conference.
  4. Pray that Jesus’ love would shine through us in all that we do, and that His name would be glorified!

Team Israel Issachar

Members: Sharmayne Booker, Cynthia Alexander, Tara Ward, Maxwell Abishai, Lenore Edge, Cynthia Melkon, William Oluwadare, Charla Murray, Gary Packer, Lara Springeman, Tamika Wiley, Derrick White, Katrunia Fleming, Edward Johnson


  1. Pray that we would be able to identify with the local Israeli people we are working with in order to leave a lasting impact on the field by showing the love of Christ, and not trying to force religion on the locals. 
  2. Pray that we would be able to effectively pour into our contact, and be able to bless them with wisdom from our experience, and to refresh them by our relationship and willingness to serve.
  3. Pray that we would invest in each other and relationships we will make in Israel, that we may sharpen each other through this process and constantly allow God to lead us. 
  4. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. And pray that we would gain a heart that burns for Israel and the people that live in Israel of all races and ethnic backgrounds. And pray for peace in the middle east.

// Europe //


Team Germany

Leaders: David Brandt (TL), Anna Moore (ATL)

Members: Daisha Batson, David Benjamin, Rebecca Bennett, Erin Clothier, Michelle Gomez-Schieber, Erin Holeman, Antavia Mason, Angie Reyes, Charis Schneider, Jerrod Sloan, Jordan White

Prayer Points:

  1. Conditions will be safe enough for our team to do ministry in the red light district.
  2. We will know how to intentionally show love to in an appropriate way to children who have been sexually abused at KIC outreach.
  3. We will experience supernaturally fast-growing, long-lasting relationships with the people of Germany during the short time weeks we spend there.
  4. Hearts will be softened in an atheistic culture.




Team Paraguay

Leaders: Lexy Washington (TL), Alex Gillaspie (ATL)

Members: Catherine Brandt, Ezra Chavez, Joshua Cortez, Kalen Dotson, Rebekah Guajardo, Michelle Holland, Ashley Lewman, Brittani Montgomery, Natalie Peters, Gabriel Rosario, Alyssa Sanders, Alisha Tharpe, Thelzy Zamarron     

Prayer Points:

  1. Insight on new and creative ways to bless Serving Paraguay (contacts) on and off of the field.
  2. A collective heart to see the hearts of the children at Serving Paraguay to better meet their emotional and spiritual needs.
  3. God deeply touches the lives of each team member with Holy Spirit encounters in preparation for the trip in order to give and get the most out of the experience. 
  4. For our team to become like one big-family to better show love and be a family to the kids in Paraguay.
  5. Constant unity and togetherness through Christ and that each person wholly devotes themselves to the task at hand during the trip. 

ORU Missions Teams / 1 Month :


// AFRICA //


Team South Africa Business

Leaders: Alexis Weber (TL), Graham Ford (ATL)

Members: Matthew Trim, Jasmine Ridges, Melanie Saldana

Prayer Points:

  1. Pray for our contacts at Life Christian Foundation as they connect with influential business professionals and the community.
  2. Pray that the Directors and employees of the nonprofits in the LCF Business With A Purpose (BWAP) branch will be encouraged, refreshed and inspired with new ideas and ministry opportunities.
  3. Pray that the hearts of the South Africans will be open to the Gospel.
  4. Pray for our team to be reaffirmed in our identities in Christ and to know the fullness of that as a team.

Team Malawi

Leaders: Isaiah Campbell (TL), Ashley Dewar (ATL)

Members: Derek Adelmann, Anna Babinec, Anna Bowman, Olivija Daftartaite, Kristie Deras, Jessie Diaz, Shelby Duncan, Brennan Harrup, Tomy Monk, Rufus Samuel, Hannah Turnbow    

Prayer Points:

  1. All doubt and fear to be removed in teammates hearts.
  2. Peace, protection, and miracles in the lives of the Malawian people experiencing heavy rains.
  3. Pray for our contact Cindy that she will have strength and grace as she has been on the field for a long time.
  4. Pray for the orphans in Malawi that they will discover their son ship/ daughter ship in Christ.

Team Tanzania

Leaders: Nate Tifft (TL), Daniel Wagner (ATL)

Members: Michael Colunga, David Finley, Jacob Lanferman, Joshua Lee, Wesley Odom, Matthew Samuelson

Prayer Points:

  1. Pray that our team would be unified and singly focused, and that we would rely on the Lord’s strength alone (knowing that the trip will be physically, mentally, and spiritually grueling).
  2. Pray that we would be a blessing to our contact, Tori, as we serve him.
  3. Pray that we would serve the people of Tanzania with the love of Jesus and have the courage to share the true Gospel of salvation in Jesus through repentance with those who do not know Him. Pray that we would be led by the Spirit and walk in His power. 
  4. Pray that God would keep us safe as we prepare for this trip, as we travel and during our time in country.
  5. Pray that we would grow in Jesus—as disciples of His, and brothers of one another.

Team South Africa Soccer

Leaders: Hayden Skoog (TL), Olympia Reneau (ATL)

Members: Max Brammer, Ashley Egbo, Ariel Gazelka, Alexia Herrera, Kevin King, Analynn Salvato, Isaac Sandoval, Ilanna Silva, Benjamin Smith, Darrell Walker    

Prayer Points:

  1. Safety for the team while were in Cape Town/Ocean View and as we travel around.
  2. Prayer over the kids that will interact with.
  3. Prayer for unity for us as a team, to start to develop more of a family aspect and for unity for us as a team, to start to develop more of a family aspect.
  4. Prayer for our hearts to be prepared for the time, that our eyes will be opened and that we may be used in the greatest way possibly not only for our contact but for the Movement of God's Kingdom.    
  5. Prayer for our contacts.

Team Uganda

Leaders: James Neal (TL), Aysha Campbell (ATL)

Members: Casper Colbert, Audrey Correa, Mikaela Gibbs, Tyler Hearn, Alexandra Jones, Piang Siam Lian, Mariah Middlebrooks, Raquel Narragon, Thang Piang

Prayer Points:

  1. Pray that the Holy Spirit is upon our team and has anointed us to preach the gospel, to bind up the brokenhearted and to proclaim freedom over the nation of Uganda.
  2. Pray that the nation of Uganda would walk and understand their authority as a believer and the power of the Holy Spirit.
  3. We pray that our team will fall deeper in love with God than ever before.
  4. We pray that our team and the nation of Uganda will see and experience God clearly: see and experience His true love, will see and experience His joy, His peace, His Holiness, His righteousness, His glory and His son Jesus.

Team Zimbabwe

Leaders: Christine Beaser (TL), Zach Holderness (ATL)

Members: David Anthony, Shekinah Bauman, Madison Cole, Victoria Glasner, Miriam Madava, Devante Malone, Lorraine Manyika, Alyssa Morgenthaler, Larissa Nugroho, Priscilla Serrano, Patty Whitlock, Chynna Williams, Jordan Wilson    

Prayer Points:

  1. Our contacts: Tom and Rachel Deuschle
  2. Team cohesion and that we would be an effective unit for advancing the kingdom in Zimbabwe. 
  3. The people we encounter that their hearts will be softened and receptive of the message we carry. 
  4. The teams’ hearts would be transformed as well as the people we touch.
  5. Fruit for Celebration International Church. 

Team South Africa #3

Leaders: Benjamin Marsh (TL), Abigail Wells (ATL)

Members: Hannah Thrower, Danielle Forney, Kylie Le May, Mikalyn Burns, Destiny Teel, Jason Garland   

Prayer Points:

  1. Our contacts in Burkina Faso and South Africa
  2. Team unity in the midst of a re-route. 
  3. The people we encounter that their hearts will be softened and receptive of the message we carry. 
  4. The teams’ hearts would be transformed as well as the people we touch. 



Team Brazil Development

Leaders: Giovanna Guajardo (TL), Joel Garza (ATL)

Members: Isabella Anderson, James Michael Britt, Allison Denman, Erin Doll, Sizwe Gamedze, Anthony Garza, Carlin Gerstenberger, Michael Howrey, Gideon Lapp, Alix Lopez-Topete, Rudy Martinez, Sean Ostrander, Eugenia Phan, Nancy Shereni, Natalie Thiesen, Rachel Voigtlander, Lindsey Williamson

Prayer Points:

  1. We want to see Gods hand move in the hearts of the people we are going to invest in. We want to see miraculous changes in the direction and lives of the people and within the team.
  2. Unity among the team and for us to have a sense of family. Peace and clear understanding in communication.
  3. Open eyes and hearts that can receive, learn, grow, and in turn changes the lives of others. 

Team Chile

Leaders: Dami Alao (TL), Katelyn Quattlebaum (ATL)

Members: Hannah Anderson, Audrey Bruce, Colter Cagle, Aaron Garland, Angelica Gutierrez, Brooke Marshall, Rachel Mugge, Samantha Picado, Olivia Taverna    

Prayer Points:

  1. Pray for team unity and open hearts to learn and receive as well as give to the people of Chile including our contacts.
  2. Pray for children and adults to fund new hope and identity in Jesus.
  3. Pray for the covering of the Holy Spirit to be over the prison ministry.

Team Guatemala

Leaders: Mackenzie Walker (TL), Miguel Godinez (ATL)

Members: Yanett Burgueno, Selena Cotto, Erin Gdovin, Gemela Matthews, Carissa Ortegon, Ronald Parker, Mitch Rovang, Jasmine Schwab, Emily Tackett, Ryan Trujillo  

Prayer Points:

  1. That our team would grow in gifts of the Holy Spirit and rely on Him for everything we say or do while on the field. That the Holy Spirit would open our eyes to hidden gifts in ourselves and in those we come in contact with in Guatemala.
  2. That we would genuinely love the Guatemalans, be intentional in ministry and relationship building, and have pure and right motives for loving the Guatemalans. A heart to see the Guatemalans as God sees them and love them as he loves them and that God would break our hearts for the Guatemalans.
  3. That we would have a smooth transition to the contacts in Antigua. That we would leave a long lasting impact and investment with the contacts and Guatemalans.
  4. Preparation for the hearts of the Guatemalans we will come in contact with. That they would be open and receptive to what God wants to do in their life through our team and ministry. That we would have divine contact and interventions with people in Guatemala.
  5. For protection, physical strength and health as we do manual labor and minister in Antigua.  That we would have a desire to work hard and have a good attitude while we work and serve.


// ASIA //


Team India North

Leaders: Matt Wynn (TL), McKayla Merrell (ATL)

Members: Megan Malinaric, Joshua Martin, Morgan Matthews, Megan McGraw, Glinda Morris, Giannina Ragodo, Luke Rentz, Alina Ruiz, Elizabeth Shoulders, Danielle Tramontozzi

Prayer Points:

  1. Our contacts, Paige and Sean, are having a baby in April. Pray peace and harmony for them and for a   stress free delivery.
  2. The orphan kids at the camps. Pray they will be open to receive love and they will have the opportunity to be kids. 
  3. The team, that we will work together harmoniously and have a heart for the kids. Pray for no sickness or spiritual attacks.

Team India South

Leaders: Jennifer Figeroa (TL), Billy Barrantes (ATL)

Members: Marie-Louise Arcuri, Hannah Davis, Bria Edgar, Maureen Kanayo, Alan Matul, Nikole McGuire, Tiffany Traviso

Prayer Points:

  1. That our contacts Pastor Chacko and Pastor Sajan both feel refreshed and renewed through the Holy Spirit while we are there and after we leave.
  2. That the government would grant Christians favor and stop building up walls against the Gospel spreading in India. 
  3. That the children and adults that we go to serve will experience a genuine lasting encounter with God that will leave a lasting tangible impact. 
  4. That God would motivate and inspire us through a compassionate burden for India and its lost to be effective witnesses for Him as well as catalysts of His glory, power, and presence.
  5. That each orphan, whether physical or spiritual would experience the authentic everlasting love of the Father and would choose to open their hearts to Him. 
  6. That the spirit of the orphan would be forever broken over India, and that they would receive an everlasting spirit of adoption through Christ Jesus alone.

Team Philippines

Leaders: Micah Juengel (TL), Alysia Grogan (ATL)

Members: Desiree Cortez, Brianna Harvey, Ashlea Harvey, Naomi Jimenez, Cristina Martinez, Amber Mitchell, Luke Spinardi    

Prayer Points:

  1. Pray for team unity and an atmosphere worthy of His Love and Grace.
  2. Pray for the team to see God's genuine Love in us and through us as we prepare to bring His Love to the Philippines.
  3. Pray for God to go before us and move in the hearts setting divine appointments.
  4. Pray for protection of our team's hearts, minds, and bodies as we enter a heavily dark area of great Spiritual Warfare.

Team Japan

Leaders: Molly Chipps (TL), Benji Sherrill (ATL)

Members: Elizabeth Ajayi, Tammy Dang, Arielle Edwards, Daniel Gonzalez, Tevin Macias, Mark Miles, Elena Ottaviano, Keri Scott, Anh Tran, Lauryn Tumpkin, Aio Uises, Gicaree Valentine

 Prayer Points:

  1. Strength for Christians in Japan.
  2. Vulnerability and unity amongst our team, and a good relationship with the contact.
  3. Flights, paperwork, fundraising, and that this process to be successful.
  4. For miracles to happen in Japan both visible and invisible.
  5. For creative ways to connect with the people from Japan.

Team China

Leaders: Allie Hey (TL), Matt Stavros (ATL)

Members: Blake Basham, Elizabeth Foreman, Danielle Gillespie, Vianey Gonzalez, Ivan Herrera, Keith Miller, Pheba  Thomas, Timothy Townes, Isaiah Vazquez   

Prayer Points:

  1. For a spirit of family and unity among our team, and that our ministry would be an outpouring of our individual relationships with the Lord as we come together to serve as the body of Christ. 
  2. An opening and trusting relationship with our contacts, and that we would build a friendship, communicate effectively and be a blessing to Allan and his ministry. 
  3. That we would build authentic and transparent relationships with every person we encounter. 
  4. Strength, joy and perseverance for the Chinese church and the persecuted believers who have sacrificed their comfortable lives in order to live solely for Jesus. 
  5. Renewed strength and strategic strategies for long-term missionaries who have grown weary in the race, and that there would be a fresh outpouring of the Spirit on a land that is hungry for the Lord.  

Team Thailand

Leaders: Gabe Stark (TL), Kayla Hanohano (ATL)

Members: Mickayal Burk, Kelsey Erickson, Grace Fuentes, Adam Glenville, Christina Herr, Sarah Hung, Averi Lange, Shelby Rine   

Prayer Points:

  1. Pray that Christ will shine through our team as we spend time with the people of Thailand.
  2. Pray that we will speak the right words to our students, not only in the classroom, but also outside the classroom, to clearly share the Gospel.
  3. Pray that the Lord will give our team physical, emotional, and spiritual health as we will be traveling across the world. So we can serve our contacts and the Lord to the best of our abilities.

Team Nepal

Leaders: Zak Swalley (TL), Jaelynn Freese (ATL)

Members: Wyatt Bullard, Courtney Cunningham, Jonathan Diatte, Mariah Doty, Michayla Evans, Mitchell Green, Rebeckah Hadick, Elizabeth Keating, Brijae Mann, Zoey Miranda, Annora Moringlan 

Prayer Points:

  1. That the Hindu government will stop oppressing Christians.
  2. That Christians there will have perseverance and strength through persecution.
  3. Miraculous signs and wonders will be shown to the people of Nepal.
  4. That people will be receptive to the Gospel.



Other College Missions Trips

Undergraduate Theology Department Internship: Thailand

Intern: Josh Badal

Prayer Points:

  1. That God would have His way throughout the whole trip, even if it means that original plans are not carried out. 
  2. Jesus would reveal Himself and His great love to the Burmese refugees and immigrants. 
  3. For peace to the social and political unrest in Thailand, and that God would raise up godly leaders in the nation. 
  4. That Holy Spirit would strengthen, encourage, and refresh the Church in Thailand and lead them into deeper encounters with the Lord. 
  5. That the contact, Mark Plummer and his team, would be blessed through my being in Thailand. 

Undergraduate Theology Department Internship: Czech Republic

Interns: Julie Karnuth, Anna Cevallos  

  1. Good relationships and communication with contacts.
  2. Open doors to serve the locals and contacts. 
  3. Peace concerning the entirety of the trip, especially the air travel.
  4. Good relationship and connection between the teammates – Julie and Anna.

Undergraduate Theology Department Internship: South Africa

Intern: Augustine Mendoza

  1. Pray for Operation Mobilization (the organization that I will be working with) as they train missionaries and leaders to go out into South Africa and into the world; they also work with sports ministry, networking with churches, and social development.
  2. Sensitivity to hear God’s voice and obey Him while serving in South Africa.
  3. Personal health and energy so that I may serve excellently!
  4. A heart to see the people of South Africa; pray that I would develop a heart of compassion for South Africa.


Music to the Nations :


Team Dominican Republic (M2N)

Leaders: Sam Kyle (TL), Laura Earl (ATL)

Members: Josh Coakley, Kayla Campbell, Peter Kim, Connor McCain, Kimberly Simon

Prayer Points:

  1. That God would break the spirit of depression that is prevalent.
  2. God would protect the contact and prosper his work in the D.R.
  3. Grow in unity as a team. 
  4. Strength and strategic wisdom in spiritual warfare. 
  5. God would prepare the heart of the people. 

Team Brazil (M2N)

Leaders: Micah Baxter (TL), Nikki Fessler (ATL)

Members: Caleb Brown, Samuel Bowling, Michelle Burciaga, Vivian Garcia  

Prayer Points:

  1. God’s will would be done in Brazil.
  2. Spiritual break-through in Brazil.
  3. Hearts and lives would be changed by the power of the Holy Spirit.
  4. Blessing on the contact and for the ministry that he is part of.
  5. Hearts of the sons and daughters would be turned back to the fathers and the mothers.

Team India (M2N)

Leaders: Rocky Lance (TL), Kayla Swanson (ATL)

Members: Benjamin Andrews, Danny Charles, Elaine Gibson, McKenzie Johnstone, Mitchell McCain, Jeremy Pentsil, Joshua Pernell, Elizabeth Ramsdell, Taylor Zirkle

Prayer Points:

  1. Gods will would be done in India. 
  2. God’s voice would be heard thought the music that we play.
  3. Keep an attitude of worship in the forefront of our minds.
  4. That we would be vessels for Gods anointing to flow.
  5. To protect and bless our contact and that his business would prosper. 

Team Israel (M2N)

Leaders: Jeremy Holmes (TL), Rebekah Fletcher (ATL)

Members: Maurice Blanco, Samuel Greer, Sarah Hess, Matthew Holman, Kim Kham. Zoey Niemeier, Dan Riley, Kyle Sterk, Ethan Roche

Prayer Points:

  1. God’s light would shine though the darkness.
  2. People would come to the saving grace of Jesus Christ.
  3. End the battle and persecution of the Christians in the area.
  4. Lives would be changed by Power of God, and their eyes would be open to His power.
  5. The contact that is putting is life on the line everyday he walks out of his house because of his faith in Christ.

Team Souls A’Fire (M2N)

Leaders: Jessica Brown (TL), David Tumusiime (ATL)

Members: LeDarrick Ainer, Bryce Behrman, Seany Denson, Amber Dukes, Jeremy Lewis, Tiara Mitchell, Azhiyana Peterson, Sariah Reese, Lee Scott

Prayer Points:

  1. Hearts would be cleansed.
  2. God would be glorified.
  3. Miracles, signs and wonders.
  4. Experience freedom.
  5. Hearts and minds would be open to the move of the Holy Spirit.