ORU OUTREACH // Sept. 20 – 25 // “We Get to Build The Kingdom”

TNL Team W1

- ORU OUTREACH UPDATE – Laura Dester Home // 23 members, 69 hours The first week of outreach at Laura Dester Homes consist of orientation and touring the different homes. They had the opportunity to meet the kids and staff that they will be working with all year. “I most enjoyed playing 4-square with a young boy who got to share some …

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ORU OUTREACH // Sept. 27 – Oct. 2 // “Nothing is Insignificant to God”

BFS Practice 2

- ORU OUTREACH UPDATE – Laura Dester Home // 24 members, 72 hours On both days of outreach this week, the students had the opportunity to build relationships with students at the home. Our ORU students played soccer, football, and talked one-on-one with the children at Laura Dester.                “The most important thing I learned was the importance of selflessnesss, dying to sold so …

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ORU OUTREACH // Oct. 4-9 // “People Love Being Loved”

Boys And Girls Club Dodgeball

- ORU OUTREACH UPDATE – Thursday Night Lights // 18 members, 54 hours They went to downtown to feed the homeless as they built relationships with the contacts and community members. They prayed, shared the gospel, and showed God’s love.  “I had a few moments that captured my attention and I am so grateful for each of the following testimonies: Key, a …

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ORU OUTREACH // Oct. 18-24 // “A Life Well Lived”

Boys And Girls Club Pumpkins Cropped

- ORU OUTREACH UPDATE – Thursday Night Lights // 16 members, 48 hours  “I learned that as a leader, it’s important to set the visions and be an example for how to reach out when we’re uncomfortable. I learned that sometimes just listening is valuable for those who need community that is safe. I also found out that one of the girls who has been …

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ORU OUTREACH // Oct. 25-31 // “God Can Use Anyone”

Boys And Girls Club Cropped

- ORU OUTREACH UPDATE – Thursday Night Lights | 27 members, 81 hours As a team they all went to security 15 minutes early to cast a vision for this week’s outreach. As stories stirred passion in members, their compassion drove them to action as a lot of members built relationships with the contacts and the homeless community. 10 people accepted Jesus …

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ORU OUTREACH Dec. // 1-7 // “Holiday Shindigs”

Holiday Shindig 2 Cropped

- ORU OUTREACH UPDATE – | Thursday Night Lights | “It was my first time on the outreach, and what I loved most was seeing the students who go each week. As soon as we got there they approached the homeless as if they were best friends, genuinely. And they actually knew about their life, and cared about their well …

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ORU OUTREACH // Nov. 1-7 // “Consistency”

IMG 2499.1

- ORU OUTREACH UPDATE – Thursday Night Lights // 10 members, 30 hours “Tonight I had the opportunity to meet Will. Will is a schizophrenic and struggles with a meth and K2 addiction. Will is a complex man with six different personalities, according to what he told me. ‘There is a murderer inside of me, a jokester, a lover. I look forward …

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ORU OUTREACH // Nov. 8-14 // “Building Relationships”

Briana And Kids Cropped

- ORU OUTREACH UPDATE- // Thursday Night Lights // This week our team continued building relationships with our contact, Tim Way and the homeless downtown. They were able to hand out coats and blankets as well. One of the women started speaking with our leader Kayla, concerning her hatred towards God for putting her into the homeless situation. She wanted to end …

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ORU OUTREACH // Nov. 21-28 // “Give Thanks”


Our outreach teams had the incredible opportunity to go out during Thanksgiving week and give thanks with those throughout the Tulsa community. Here's a glimpse of what took place. Thursday Night Light (Thanksgiving Day) “David has lived on the streets for years. He has been in and out of prison several times for many different reasons. He's been shot in the …

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The Homeless are not Friendless through ORU Outreach

Jaime And Diane

Jaime Bofferding started going to Thursday Night Lights (TNL) last year. As she began to build consistent relationships with some of the homeless in downtown Tulsa, a lady named Diane captured her heart and wasn’t going to let it go. Diane has a daughter who was recently put on trial for murder. Jaime built such a close bond to Diane …

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