New Sites, Same Mission


Strategic. It’s definitely a popular word in our department, and rightly so. To be strategic or to have a strategy means to have “a plan or method for obtaining a specific goal or result.” This resonates with our endeavor to becoming “outcomes based.” With a strategic and outcome focused approach our office selects organizations to partner with each year through our outreach program. This year we are …

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ORU Missions Week 3 Updates from the Field

India Shot

BENIN- We are on the home stretch! This past week was filled with a lot of activity, as it is getting closer to the time that we leave. It was a great week! Here are the highlights. Summary: Last week started off with a day of rest and then a tour day in Benin. We got to visit Port Novo, …

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ORU Missions Week 2 Updates from the Field


Our 2-week trips (Belize, Germany, Italy and Paraguay) have safely arrived back in the United States. Stay tuned for their amazing testimonies! Here are the weekly updates for the remaining 20 teams still out on the field. Please keep them all in your prayers. Thanks! BENIN- We cannot believe that we are half way through our trip! The Lord has …

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Week 2 – Team Philippines Has a Baby!

Well guys, I have some exciting news: team Philippines is having a baby!!! Ok, technically our contact’s wife is the one in labor, but we were all ecstatic when Toby announced this morning that Erica Nicole would be joining the Huyssen family today, and we can’t wait to meet her! Congratulations to Toby and Ginny!!! But before this exciting turn …

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Prayer and Paint

20140522 073647

Tuesday morning we started painting the shed here on base. The shed is maroon and we are painting it orange. Tuesday afternoon we went cave tubing. We hiked for 45 minutes through the rainforest of Belize in the pouring rain, even trudged through some rivers–all while carrying our tubes. We floated through two caves, one being 7 miles long. The …

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ORU Missions Week 1 Updates from the Field

3 Filipinos Kids

WEEK 1 ORU MISSIONS UPDATES FROM THE FIELD BELIZE- Last week we worked on building a house and went to schools every day. On Tuesday we poured concrete, on Wednesday we put up the walls, on Thursday we put on the roof, on Friday we put the finishing touches up and dedicated the house to the family. It has been …

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The Weekend

20140519 074447

Saturday was very busy for team Belize. Our contacts have a church here on base called Mt. Hope Church. They have their youth leading their children’s program on Friday nights. We sat in on the children’s program this past Friday night, and observed how the youth lead the children. After the children left on Friday night we started a leadership …

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Meet Team Philippines!

Hello!  Better late than never, we are team Philippines! Originally team Ukraine, but dut to the political unrest, we have been rerouted and are excited and expectant about what God is going to do through us! We will be located near Manila doing some worship ministry, different evangelism outreaches, and working on planting a church! The fact that Ropes training …

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The Beginning

20140514 160906

We finally have arrived at Oasis Ministries here in Belize. We got here Monday evening after a little crazy traveling. Yesterday, a few of us went to do children’s ministry at a local school, while the others worked on a house being built for a family in need. For lunch, those doing the children’s ministry came back to the base …

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We’re Goin’ to Tanzania


Welcome to the ManTeam blog. We are excited to say that our entire team of 10 men have made the 100% financial deadline, and we are now finishing up preparations for our journey to Tanzania, Africa.   First let me introduce myself, my name is Austin Whitaker, I have traveled to Tanzania with ORU Missions in 2012, where our team aided in …

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