ORU Outreach 2.14-2.20 / “The Work We Did Today Will Impact Dozens”

Group Shot

- Weekly Outreach Update – Thursday Night Lights | 7 members, 21 hours This week the team jumped right into the feeding line and was able to have a hand in serving the food. After dishing out first, seconds and even thirds, the team was able to speak to “regulars,” new comers, and larger groups of the homeless. “I chose early on in the Fall …

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ORU Outreach Jan. 24 – 30 // “God is good—That’s What I Know”

LW Team Girls

- ORU Outreach Update – ​Burmese Refugee Outreach | 4 members, 12 hours “I loved it when one of the teams won the game we had. Megan and the winning team screamed like they won the world cup. It was awesome to experience the excitement of that moment.” – Piong Lion, Team Member​ International Connection | 3 members, 4.5 hours This week the group …

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ORU Outreach 2.7 – 13 “LOVE Week”


- ORU Outreach Update – Thursday Night Lights | 23 members, 39 hours During this week’s event, they focused on having a heart to see love in others; the team did just that with the homeless downtown. The team had a live band from an M2N team that played worship and love music. The outreach team made an event out of making cards …

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ORU Outreach // Jan 31- Feb 6 “They’ve Completely Flipped the Tables On Me…”

Victory Mobile Kids

- ORU Outreach Update – Thursday Night Lights This was the first night we started outreach for the Spring semester. The Boiler Room always takes a break during this time of the year to refresh and find more motivation for the upcoming year. Everyone was thrilled to be back, especially our outreach leaders and team members. The team stayed downtown …

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ORU Outreach // Jan. 17 – 23 “God Has Given Us A Platform


- ORU OUTREACH UPDATE – Laura Dester Home | Wednesday | 11 members, 33 hours This week the group was able to start out by playing volleyball and talking with the kids. They had two new members come this week who volunteered to go visit the teenage girl cottage and they were able to connect fairly well with the girls there. Dena, one of the members …

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ORU OUTREACH // Sept. 20 – 25 // “We Get to Build The Kingdom”

TNL Team W1

- ORU OUTREACH UPDATE – Laura Dester Home // 23 members, 69 hours The first week of outreach at Laura Dester Homes consist of orientation and touring the different homes. They had the opportunity to meet the kids and staff that they will be working with all year. “I most enjoyed playing 4-square with a young boy who got to share some …

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ORU OUTREACH // Sept. 27 – Oct. 2 // “Nothing is Insignificant to God”

BFS Practice 2

- ORU OUTREACH UPDATE – Laura Dester Home // 24 members, 72 hours On both days of outreach this week, the students had the opportunity to build relationships with students at the home. Our ORU students played soccer, football, and talked one-on-one with the children at Laura Dester.                “The most important thing I learned was the importance of selflessnesss, dying to sold so …

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ORU OUTREACH // Oct. 4-9 // “People Love Being Loved”

Boys And Girls Club Dodgeball

- ORU OUTREACH UPDATE – Thursday Night Lights // 18 members, 54 hours They went to downtown to feed the homeless as they built relationships with the contacts and community members. They prayed, shared the gospel, and showed God’s love.  “I had a few moments that captured my attention and I am so grateful for each of the following testimonies: Key, a …

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ORU OUTREACH // Oct. 18-24 // “A Life Well Lived”

Boys And Girls Club Pumpkins Cropped

- ORU OUTREACH UPDATE – Thursday Night Lights // 16 members, 48 hours  “I learned that as a leader, it’s important to set the visions and be an example for how to reach out when we’re uncomfortable. I learned that sometimes just listening is valuable for those who need community that is safe. I also found out that one of the girls who has been …

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ORU OUTREACH // Oct. 25-31 // “God Can Use Anyone”

Boys And Girls Club Cropped

- ORU OUTREACH UPDATE – Thursday Night Lights | 27 members, 81 hours As a team they all went to security 15 minutes early to cast a vision for this week’s outreach. As stories stirred passion in members, their compassion drove them to action as a lot of members built relationships with the contacts and the homeless community. 10 people accepted Jesus …

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