Frequently Asked Questions

Missions and Outreach: Frequently Asked Questions

  • General Questions

    • How do I sign up for missions?

      • Come to the office and fill out a Missions response card indicating your top trip preferences. Turn that in with a $10 application fee, and we will assign you to a team!
    • How do I sign up for outreach?

      • Come to the office and fill out a Community Outreach response card indicating the outreaches you would like to participate in. We will then give your information to the leaders of that outreach who will contact you to get involved!
    • What days and times do your outreaches go out during the week?

      • Please visit our Outreach section on our website ( to view our outreaches and the times that they go out.
  • Mission Trips

    • How am I supposed to raise enough money for my trip?

      • We will aid you and show you the ropes of fundraising. Here are some of the ways that we help you fundraise!

        1. We show you how to write support letters and will pay for the postage!
        2. We give you a packet with ideas for fundraisers and strategies that have worked in the past
        3. We have the FAM scholarship fund with which Alumni donate toward students trips

        Lastly, we cannot forget about the amazing fact that we have a God who provides for our needs and desire for His children to bring the Gospel to the uttermost bounds of the earth.

    • What are the trip dates?

      • The date that the missions process starts is the day after graduation where all of our summer teams go through a week of ROPES training. Directly after this the teams depart for their respective countries.

        –ROPES: May 6th – May 11th
        –1 month trips: May 14th – June 12th
        –2 week trips: May 14th – May 27th

    • What is the time commitment?

      • The time commitment is something big to be considered when getting involved with missions program. Here are some of the commitments you have during the year.

        1. Team Meeting: This is a weekly meeting that you will have with you team to discuss all things concerning team. (1hr/Week)

        2. Big Team Meeting: This is a bi-weekly meeting where all the missions team come together for general missions training. (2hrs/2 weeks)

        3. Team Prayer: This is a weekly meeting where you and your team come together and pray for your teams needs, each other, and you respective country. (1hr/Week)

        4. Fundraisers: These will be placed spiratically throughout the year as you and your team do a variety of things to raise funds for your trip. (Random weekends)

    • Why is that much time required?

      • This much time is required because we believe that you should be well prepared to bring the most important message to ever be told to the nations of the world. Missions is a heavy responsibility and therefore requires proper preparations. We also want to develop you into a well equipped missionary with the confidence to share your faith and communicate cross-culturally.
    • Where does my money go?

      • Your money goes towards lodging, food, traveling, and emergency costs.
    • How big will my mission’s team be?

      • It depends. Most teams are no smaller than five people, and no larger than twelve. The average team members for the 2012 Teams was nine.
    • Are there teams going to the same country every year?

      • It depends. We try to send teams back to the same location in order to continue building relationships, but sometimes trip locations change. If the country you wanted to go to is not an option, there will be a country in the same region!
  • Funds and Fundraising

    • If I raise more than enough money for my trip, do I get to keep it?

      • No. If you raise more than your required amount, the overflow will either go to your team or to another missionary that you designate. If your team raises more than the amount needed, it will go to other mission teams that still need funds.
    • If I am on a missions team and I decide not to go, do I get a refund?

      • No. The money that you raised will go to the rest of your team members, unless the reason you drop is due to serious illness or an emergency in the family, in which case it will be held for you should you decide to go on ORU Missions the following year.
    • How does someone donate to my trip through Credit Card?

      • Have your donor go to
        1. Type in the donation amount
        2. Select “On behalf of student missionary,” and then type in your name.
        3. Click “Donate,”
        4. It will bring them to a new page, where they will type in the donation amount, payment method, and click “Continue.”
        5. After typing in their information, they will then be told that their donation is being processed. They should receive an email confirmation immediately.
        PLEASE NOTE: It takes about 2 work days for the donation to be entered into our system into your student account.
    • Can I view my financial statement online?

      • As of now, we do not have a way for students to view their financial statements online. However, we will happily email it you if you send us an email at letting us know what team you are on and that you would like a printout. You may also stop in to our office to view your statement.
    • All of my money is not showing up in my account, and it has been a few days since I turned it in. What do I do?

      • Because our office normally has a 48-hour turnaround rate with cash and check donations, if your money has not showed up in your account after 48 hours, please fill out a Donation Edit form. You can get a Donation Edit form from the Administrative Assistants (who sit at the front desk). They will give it to the Finance Department, and contact you immediately
    • My Sodexo fundraiser isn’t showing up in my account. What do I do?

      • There is always at least 2 weeks delay with Sodexo fundraisers getting to our office. Every team leader needs to fill out a blue fundraising report for every Sodexo fundraiser, so that the funds can be allocated to the proper team/team members when the money comes from Sodexo.
    • How do I get my fundraiser approved?

      • Fill out an orange fundraiser permission form from the Administrative Assistants, and then turn the slip into the front desk for approval. Please turn in 2 weeks in advance. A staff member will call you when it has been approved or disapproved.
    • How do I turn in fundraising money for my team?

      • Fill out a BLUE fundraiser report and attach the money that you raised in a remittance envelope. Turn in to the front desk.
  • Documents (Passports etc.)

    • Do I need a Passport?

      • Yes, if you are going on an international trip. All international travel requires a passport.
    • How much does a Passport cost and how long does processing take?

      • Passports cost $100 dollars and allow for 4 weeks in order.
        (Passport photos are available through the missions office for $5 dollars. Please call for available times)
    • Can I wait to turn in my passport if I am tight on cash?

      • It is very important you turn in your passport on time. The deadlines account for the time that visas have to be applied for, and a late passport can put you at risk for not going on your trip. Borrow the cash if you need to!
    • How do I get a visa for my trip?

      • The Missions department applies for your visa for you. All you have to do is get your passport in on time we will give you the paperwork to fill out for your visa later.
    • Do I need any shots or medication?

      • Visa applications for certain countries require certain immunizations, the Mission office makes these mandatory.
        However, please visit for recommended immunizations and health precautions for the country you are travelling to.