The Process


The last few weeks have been a wild mix of ministry activities, personal growth, new relationships, and contact investment. We've had fun adventures, faced tough issues, created lasting memories, and we are full of crazy stories to tell. As we prepare to leave behind part of our hearts in South Africa when we fly out early next week, we can look back and see how amazing God has been in our team.  

We've had unique ministry opportunities come up, such as serving at a soup kitchen in Ocean View each week and helping build relationships with children and adults that need  the love of Christ shown to them. We've played soccer on muddy, rain-drenched fields in Fish Hoek against a team from Masi and Ocean View. We've played on a turf pitch in the shadows of Table Mountain at the University of Cape Town against professonal players with ASD's Vodacom team. We've played against the Fish Hoek 1st and 2nd team. We've played soccer in a prison against amazing men of God who have accepted Christ whilst in prison, and the love and joy they have for others is radically evident on their faces.

We've ran a soccer festival, coached with Ubuntu Football Academy, and coached with Fish Hoek Association Football Club. We've visited scenic places that radiate God's beauty. We've seen babooons (stealing from people), penguins, seals, springbok, and elands. We've climbed mountainous peaks and passes, and driven through fog-filled valleys. We've seen snow (in Africa!) near the Cape Winelands and Groot Winterhoek.We've taught at a school and facilitated team building exercises with soccer teams. We've babysat, had Bible studies with prisoners, academy players, and professional soccer players.

We've gone scouting for players for the academy, been to intense prayer sessions with All Nations several days each week, and several of us have been baptized in the ocean. We've met with Muslims, Rastafarians, drunks, homeless, tik-addicts, gangsters, orphans, HIV/AIDS victims, and pretty much people with any other "label" that has been attached to them – yet those are false identities, since their real identity (whether they know it or not), is that they are sons and daughters of God and his love for them remains the same! We've tried to do our best in showing them His love while on this trip…but it's been a process for each of us. Each day has been a journey for us, and we take comfort in knowing that God is not done with us!

After this trip, we know that He'll continue to complete the work that He began in us. We take heart in knowing that the seeds we've scattered around the Cape will one day grow into a field of Christ-followers who will go out into the world and sow more seeds.  

-John Chau