ORU Missions Week 3 Updates from the Field

India Shot


We are on the home stretch! This past week was filled with a lot of activity, as it is getting closer to the time that we leave. It was a great week! Here are the highlights.


  • Last week started off with a day of rest and then a tour day in Benin. We got to visit Port Novo, which was a great experience. We went to an agricultural center where a lot of crops are grown and got to tour the whole facility.
  • Wednesday night we participated in a youth service in a church down the street from our contact’s house. We performed our skits and the team was able to share a message about depending on God. It was a great time. The church was extremely joyful, and we were honored to be with them.
  • Thursday and Saturday we got to go to an orphanage, which was a really great experience. We got to spend time with over 100 children and play games with them, show our skits, as well as talk about Jesus. It was a great time and definitely a favorite among many team members. We handed out candy, stickers, and clothes that some team members were not going to bring back to the US.
  • Thursday through Saturday we continued with the crusades (as we did last week), but this time we held them outside of the new prayer house and church, so that people we received salvation would know exactly where they could come to church the following Sunday. Each crusade had a video that was shown on a large projection screen, which would show a family experiencing many problems and talk about the solution to those problems and how Jesus is always the answer to our trials. The team performed our skits every night as well as songs, which we learned in French. It was a great time of ministry, which gathered a lot of attention, causing the crowds to become larger and larger each night.
  • Every night at the crusades, there were at least 100 people gathered around the new prayer house. We concluded the crusades on Saturday night, and over the course of the three days saw close to 100 people come to know the Lord. It was awesome!
  • On Sunday we preached at the new house of prayer and church that we helped plant. It was so cool seeing so many people from the crusades come to church, many for the first time. It was a powerful time of singing and one of our team members ministered.
  • This Monday was our rest day and Tuesday we travelled to a village on the water called Ganvier. It was great to see how the people live on the water and to learn more about the culture here.
  • Yesterday we held another youth service at the church down the road from our contact’s house. It was another great night, where a team member talked about the importance of prayer and God’s presence.
  • Today, we began our prayer house training services. These services are to train the team who will be ministering during these times. We talked about how worship, intercession, and the prophetic all flow together. We also talked about rapid fire prayer and other prayer house tips. Then we got to practice it and give them an idea of how it looks. It was a great time. These services will continue tonight and tomorrow morning.
  • On Sunday, we will be at our contact’s church and minister. It will be the day of Pentecost, which is very exciting. The team will split during this time, and the other group will hold a children’s service. Sunday night we will do the inauguration service at the new prayer house.


  • Over the course of the crusades this past week, we saw over 100 people come to know the Lord. Over the past two weeks, we have seen around 200-250 people receive salvation. It has been incredible to see!
  • The prayer house is beginning strong. We will do the inauguration of it this coming Sunday night, which will solidify all of the training and prayer will begin there daily. More and more people have been coming to the prayer house/church on Sundays.
  • We got to pray for our contact’s wife (Mama), who has been sick. She said that she wanted us to pray for her, and after prayer, she said that she felt stronger. The past couple days since we prayed she has continued to feel better.

Each person having the opportunity to minister is stretching the team members in a great way. By the end of the trip, everyone will have gotten the chance to preach/teach, which is awesome. Everyone has done an incredible job.

There’s a lot to be thankful for. These are just a few.

Prayer Requests:

  1. That we would continue to have good health… Everyone is strong and feeling good.
  2. That we would be able to effectively train the team who will be leading the prayer house. Also, that the prayer house ministry would continue to grow.
  3. That we would have more opportunities to minister and have meaningful encounters when we do minister.
  4. That we would be able to bless our contacts as much as they have blessed us.

Thank you for your prayers! We just put up our team blog post!



  • Baby Orphanage
  • Outreach for young adults: Ciudad de Refugio
  • Outreach: pro-life, abstinence, STDs – skit, songs, puppets
  • Local Church Service: worship
  • Bolivian Children's Mission orphanage; Mon-Thurs
  • Work Projects; Mon-Thurs
  • VBS; Mon-Thurs
  • Worship
  • Small Group: Testimonies, worship


  • The take heart skit has impacted many Bolivians
  • Faith is experiencing a lot of spiritual break through and having a lot of revelation from the Lord
  • Healings of sick Bolivians after prayer
  • Anointed some of the team and they received instantaneous healing
  • Praying with many orphans
  • Silas, Mer and Ali had very similar spiritual dreams and were all given words for the team and the remainder of the trip; the team has been extremely spiritually encouraged and have been having intense prayer times together. The Lord is at work. As we press in, we feel like the Lord is just being poured into the kids we work with.

Prayer Requests:

  1. For health, as we leave for the jungle
  2. Team unity
  3. For more salvations, healings and deliverances
  4. That the outreach we do with the children in the jungle would be effective and would reach all the children

You guys are the best! Thank you again for all that you do, for your prayers and all your work in the office! We love you and are having a blast on the field. We love you!



(Santarem for 9 days)

  1. Youth Services
  2. Street Ministry with Transvestites and Drug Dealers 3. Visited a Drug/Alcohol Rehabilitation


  1. Saw a few salvations
  2. Built relationships/Ministered to Transvestites 3. Spent quality time at the Drug Rehab


  1. Team health
  2. Continued Unity
  3. Strength for our last construction trip


Hi Everyone! I wanted to say thank you so much for your support and prayer this last week! We have had amazing experiences our first week in Burkina Faso and have had an amazing time getting know our contacts and the people here.


    We have had training in French and are getting to know the culture. We went to the Village Tamwensa and helped the local church build a fence and plant trees. We also ministered to the local children and held a service for kids that had never heard the gospel and were mainly Muslims. We went to church services and shared with the youth and main services. We’ve also enjoyed time with our contacts swimming and having meals together. The boys left for another village this week while the girls are teaching English and computers at the local church 

Highlight Moments:

    The team prayed for a man with an ear ache and who couldn’t hear, and he was healed! In the village, the children opened up and were very receptive to the gospel and our love. Our team is growing so much in our personal lives and together as a unit

Prayer Requests:

  1. The boys who are in the village.
  2. Pastor Danny had his house broken into on Sunday and the computers we brought him were stolen, so that he is blessed and his computers are given back.
  3. Protection for travels

Thank you for all of your support and prayers!


We started our last week here in Chile, and I can only say that the third one was absolutely incredible. We saw God work in even more powerful ways and saw so many people come to know Him.

  • On Monday we went to a school in an area here in Santiago with 90% kids identified as "at-risk" children. We spent the afternoon in a first grade teaching them about the Bible through studies and the power of our words. Multiple of them raised their hands when we asked them who would like to receive Jesus in their hearts. It was incredible.
  • Tuesday we got to meet the leader of One Hope Latin America, who was launching a new media ministry platform. We spent the day with him and got to be at the launch night for Chile.
  • Wednesday we went back to the school we visited on Monday, this time we spent it with 8 graders. This was a crucial and very powerful day for the Team. We started being cursed at, made fun of and being very disrespected and ended seeing the same kids in tears asking for Jesus to change their lives. The stories of those children were shocking, so real, so tragic. They left with a new hope and 25 kids that did not know Jesus before, got to experience His love. How great is He!
  • Thursday we spent at a Technical High school, a high school that gives the students great opportunities to be successful in the working field. We visited three classes, shared testimonies, did skits, had a Q and A time and shared about Jesus. In every class we had the chance to lead these 16-18 year olds to the Lord.
  • Friday we got to visit a Christian school here in Santiago. It was a beautiful school with great faculty. A completely different atmosphere than any other school we have visited before. We spent the day with a fifth grade and got to pray over the teacher we worked with.
  • Saturday was our free day, so we took the bus up to the Andes. Enough said. It was incredible.
  • Sunday we went to church and spent the day getting to know people from Church and spending time with our contacts.

We are doing great together. We have been very vulnerable within the team, increased the amount of encouragement with each other and the servants hearts of every team member have been blessing the Team Unity immensely.

One really awesome testimony happened last Thursday. After we finished our program in the High School we spent time with the kids we ministered to and played Basketball. Tiffany was sitting on the side and protected our belongings. A girl approached her and started her asking a lot of questions, telling her about how God seems to not care about her. Tiffany listened to her struggles and got to lead this young girl that has seen horrific things in her family to the Lord. This little girl is a daughter of Christ now.

Please pray that we would leave it all out on the field, that we would leave without regrets and that every team member would realize the significance of our time here.

Also, please pray that we would use the last days to lift up our contacts that they would feel refreshed and encouraged.

Thank you,

God is doing something incredible in Chile.



  • Helped organize a Father, Child event to encourage fathers in the community to spend time with their children. It included facilitating a craft, multiple games and activities, and snacks.
  • Worked in the foster home
  • Tutored for the home schooling program
  • Taught a drama and art class
  • Taught music classes (piano)
  • Visited the Great Wall
  • Named a child!! (Eli)

Highlight Testimony:

Kelley has been working in the CCU with the babies this past week. Kelley has been working with two kids named Mark and Ella. Kelley worked with Ella on her trip last year so she had previous knowledge of Ella. She felt as if this year though God was specifically drawing her attention to Ella. Two women from IHOP were here to work on prayer here and had also been praying for Ella and sensing spiritual problems with her such as demonic influence. Kelley felt the same and sensed that the Lord was telling her that more intense prayer was needed for Ella. After talking to Phil they both agreed to start a one hour prayer service for Ella every day. Kelley also started taking worship music up to Ella's room and praying over her in the afternoon. Kelley said that after one prayer session that Ella had changed already, she was much more relaxed and smiling. Even one of the nannies pointed out that Ella was smiling. We are looking forward to what God has in store for Ella. Phil was also excited about everything and is also looking forward to God moving.

Contact Investment:

The first week that we got here David shared that he feels like our main ministry will be the Christians that are already here, and that has been so true on this trip. We have been blessed by many of the contacts here, a few of them have shared that they never hang out with the teams that come but they love to hang out with us. They join us for debriefing almost every night and when they are not there it feels like someone is missing. It has been amazing to serve the staff here, they are some of the most amazing people I have met and God is opening so many doors for them. It has been awesome to help and support their vision.

Prayer Request:

  • Prayer for Eli
  • Prayer for Ella's healing (a little girl in the foster home)

Prayer for our last week here



  • ​​Woke up really early for Church services
  • We started working with kids whose parents work in the business of prostitution. 
  • Some of the girls on my team have picked kids from the brothels. 
  • The hunky Hudson Ford, The charismatic Christian Vaughan, and The magnificent Max Kutz showed and are doing great. They have brought a little more life to this team. The team was excited to share their experiences with them 


  • ​The kids we are working with are were very closed off at first but by the grace of Jesus they have opened up to us and we have started praying with them 
  • The youth group has become very close to us. We are teaching each other about Jesus. We are making very good relationships with people here. God is good. 


  • Please pray that we execute everything that Jesus wants us to execute. 
  • Pray that the team will finish strong. 


Hello all,

Everything is going very well for us here in Ghana! We just returned on Friday from Effiduase to the beautiful city of Accra. Yesterday we held our largest clinic yet in the downtown marketplace of Accra, seeing over 400 patients. Prior to that we held numerous clinics in rural villages in the mountains near Effiduase as well as a local orphanage. God is certainly moving in the hearts of our team members as well as the local people. We will head to Cape Coast tomorrow for a free day visit to Kakum National park.

Some testimonies we have involved throwing a party for all of the local children around the house we were staying at in Effiduase. We danced and gave them food and just loved on them. It was great to invest into their lives. Another high point for the team has been the openness of all of the Muslims to receive prayer at our clinics. Medicine certainly opens the door for God to move in their lives. Please pray for our remaining clinics this week and team unity as we finish strong. Love you all!


We have had an incredible third week here in Chichicastenango, Guatemala. On Monday our team helped pour concrete for the new guard house at ASELSI, and in the afternoon we helped bring sand up a mountain side to a house that needed some concrete work done. One of our guys, Michael, is studying physical therapy at ORU and he has been able to help at the ASELSI clinic this week. On Monday night we had a worship and prayer night with four churches in the Chichi area. It was a great time of seeking God and praying over the city. On Tuesday we helped with a children’s bible study in the afternoon and a youth cell group at night. We sang songs and played games with the kids, and shared the story of Abraham with the kids. At the evening youth service we shared on being kind to others, and showing the love of God to the people around us each day. On Wednesday we had a work project in a village area about thirty minutes’ drive outside of Chichicastenango. The family did not have a roof on their home, so we were able to put a new roof on their house. Wednesday afternoon our ATL, Abby and Joel went into Guatemala City to pick up a new member of our team. Clara was having some challenges getting to South Africa, so we adopted her on our team and we are excited to have her on our trip. On Thursday we had activities for children at the health clinic, then we spoke a message of the gospel to mothers who had come to the milk program at ASELSI. In the afternoon we walked around Chichicastenango praying over the city; and at seven to nine Thursday night we gave out bread and coffee, while praying for people on the streets. In one of the groups that went out, a member of our team, Michayla, had the opportunity to sit down and talk to a young lady for a few minutes on the street. As she talked to the young lady, she was able to share the gospel and led her to Jesus. The outreach was a great time of sharing God’s love with people on the streets and joining with several churches to serve the city. On Friday we had a children’s service at “Jesus el Rey” church, where we taught about thirty-five kids the story of the Good Samaritan and played games with them. Today, Saturday, we have the day off, and will be playing a soccer game against the ASELSI staff, this is our fourth game to play, and each one has been a great time of building community and fun into our trip. On Sunday we climbed down a mountain side to a park and spent a few hours with the youth from a few of the churches, playing games and hanging out with them.


  • We got another member for our team on Wednesday, Clara has jumped in and has been a joy to have this week on our team.
  • On Thursday night Michayla was able to talk to a girl at the coffee and bread outreach in chichi and lead her to Jesus. Throughout the night members were able to pray for different people throughout the city.

Prayer Requests:

  1. For healing and health for our team.
  2. For our contacts Michael and Chrissi who are having a baby this week.
  3. For this last week of ministry as we help with projects, cell groups, and English classes.


Over the past week we have been working with CCH at the kids camps they have been putting on. It is Wednesday afternoon and we just finished the second camp; the third one starts tonight at 6. Each camp we meet a new group of kids (5-12 years old) and worship, play games, learn about the Bible, draw, do skits, and we have occasionally had the chance to pray for them. We are also in charge of teaching them a Bible lesson 2 times a day about the kingdom of God (10-15 minutes).

There have been many cool stories from each of the team members with the kids, and they are absolutely loving their time with them. We also had a chance to pray for the kids last night before they went to dinner, and it was cool as some of them came back later and asked us to pray for them individually.

Prayer Requests

  1. That the team is able to find physical and spiritual rest in the midst of the busy schedule.
  2. That the team would know the heart of the Father for the children each and every time they interact with

Thanks for everything. India North out!


Hey Everyone!

Here is the team summary from the past two weeks:

  • Spent time with our contacts Pastor Chaco, Pastor Korean
  • We had a free day shopping with our contacts in Kerala where we bought native dress and items
  • The team did ministry in the local Boys Home of about 30 boys in Kerala (Worship, Skits, Stories, Prayer, Games, and Small Groups)
  • The second week, our team did ministry (Worship, Skits, Stories, Prayer, Games, and Small Groups) at the Michael Job Center with over 300 girls
  • We had a free evening spent at McDonalds as a team, and walking around a mall with the contact here at the Michael Job Center (Matthew Phillips)

Highlight Testimonies:

Doing services at the Michael Job Center has been the highlight of everyone's time here so far. The girls on the team have loved doing small groups with the 300+ girls and then doing daily services and games with them. We as a team have connected so well with them. We have seen girls re-dedicate their lives to the Lord, and have seen lots of joy and seeds be planted in all the girls here.

Secondly, doing ministry with the boys from the Boys Home in Kerala was a highlight, especially for the guys. We worked very hard at engaging with them to get a platform to speak into their lives. They are great boys, who really loved to see good role models and encouragement in their faith.

Also, we have really been able to connect with our driver in Kerala named Joy. He was very shy and hesitant to speak with us at first, but soon opened up to us and even spent a debrief with us sharing his testimony and opening up to us.

Prayer Requests:

  1. That we would continue to stay healthy physically, emotionally, and spiritually as we do ministry here in India.
  2. That we would do everything in excellence and that the Lord would speak in us and through us to the children at the Compassion sites (where we are going to next).
  3. That the team spirit and joy continues to stay consistent and that the joy of the Lord would be our strength. Please pray that endurance for the last two weeks would be with us; not that we would simply finish, but finish strong and full of joy and life.

Thanks so much!


Hey Everyone!

Team Japan is doing great. We worked with two separate schools throughout the week. One was the kindergarten with the cutest kids I have seriously ever seen. We love them so much. The contacts at that school pour into our team in a very special way, it's wonderful. The other school we are working with is a middle and high school. The principle is so sweet. He really takes care of the team. We have experienced something very unique in this country. It is like nothing I have ever seen, yet it's so beautiful. We hang out with Chelsea (an ORU alumnus and previous Japan Team Leader) at the kindergarten and her church. Grace Church is beyond wonderful The team is growing and getting pushed in a new way. We have experienced a lot within the last week.

One of the coolest moments that we experienced with our team was when we discovered the truth about vulnerability cultivating vulnerability. We had a worship night in our apartment, and I opened with a serious thing that God dealt with me about during ropes. After that, a member gave her full testimony for that first time. The group shared about deep things they have gone through. It was one of the most healing nights I have ever seen. God is having His way with this team!! I'm so blessed by them!

Again, thank you for making this happen!



  • Teaching in the school here on the VCCH Campus
  • Teaching grades 0-12 (0 is a grade here)
  • Teaching all subjects excluding Chichewa and including math, English, agriculture, bible knowledge, social studies, and life skills
  • We have gone to Mount Mulanje and enjoyed a free day in a natural pool
  • Each night we conduct devotionals with the guys and girls separate here at the orphanage, and split according to age groups (one younger and one older)
  • We spoke in the church on the VCCH campus and conducted children’s services
  • There were many healings and other testimonies
  • Conducted children’s ministry in the village nearby called Eleven
  • Played a lot of soccer and basketball with the kids
  • Attended a joint worship service with a nearby YWAM base
  • Also conducted assemblies/chapel services each Monday and Friday

Highlight Testimonies:

  • We prayed for one boy who seems to have been born with a case of scoliosis and he received healing (he felt better but he is still physically deformed and has not received full manifestation of healing, though he wrote our team a couple very touching letters about how he knows he is healed and can now pray for sick people himself).
  • One girl whose mother abandoned her, causing her to be mean and cold to everyone around her, is smiling for the first time and is starting to open up after repeated interaction with a couple team members.

Prayer Requests:

  1. To finish strong and not grow weary in affecting the children
  2. That we would be led by the Holy Spirit in all our endeavors searching for the people God has called us to affect in this time on this trip
  3. That we would not overlook any menial final tasks
  4. That we would make the most of our time here and effectively refresh our contacts
  5. Continued health
  6. That we will be able to pour into and refresh our contact Cindy during our remaining week here



Our team is doing really well. We've spent the past week in Kathmandu. Everyone is drinking plenty of water and staying healthy.

Our contacts are incredible. It’s great! So far, ministry has been a lot of street outreach at temples, town squares, and hospitals. We've seen divine healings, salvations, and we got to share the gospel and our skits a ton. Hindus and Buddhists are honestly very open to the gospel. We pray for literally 50-100 people per day. Today, we visited local churches and helped with several children's ministries. With iris ministries, we did a red light district outreach. One girl gave her life to Christ! Linda turner invited us to speak at a youth conference last night, and we did! We saw healings, people slain in the spirit, and had a ton of fun!

Our accommodation is great. Food has been good. Thank you for your prayers!


Hey! Thinking about you guys all the way in the Philippines!


So this past week we worked in the land, shoveling out boulders, and moving dirt so that it would be more kid friendly. We also led worship for some different events, as well as helping with lots of children’s ministry. We also did a service for youth one night. We also got to hang out with Gabe and Katie on our day in Tondo, praying through the homes.

Highlight Testimonies:

  • Tondo is a huge testimony. We saw healings and a salvation. The team handled Tondo SO well. Gabe even mentioned that we were just a lot different than some of the previous teams in the way we handled the smells, sights, and trash. That was a huge encouragement for us because I could see the nervousness on my team as we get into Tondo.
  • One testimony a lot of us would say we were blessed with this week is getting to know Harold and Cylynn. They’ve been helping Toby out since the baby came a few weeks early and they have been spoiling us this week. It’s been cool to encourage them and connect with them. We didn’t see much of Harold at the beginning of the trip so it’s been awesome to see the team really care about getting to know him, asking about Berkely and music and stuff. I think this was a big testimony for us because I’m not sure many of the team really knew what to expect with our contacts or what it meant to bless them. We’ve found that simply asking about their life, ministry, and even just playing ping pong and laughing have been such a blessing to not only them, but also us.

Prayer Requests:

  1. That we would continue to die to our flesh and have a desire to want to do ministry.
  2. Strength. The manual labor is tiring but we all love doing it. It definitely wears us out, though. So just that we would wake up renewed every morning with new energy.
  3. Good health. Everyone is getting tired so pray that our immune systems would be even stronger than they were when we got here.
  4. That we would have a boldness and confidence in what the Holy Spirit is doing. We have a few people on the team that struggle with if they’re hearing God or if it’s just their voice. Pray that our faith would be strengthened and grown.

Thank you for the prayers!! Love and miss you guys.



  • Put on the All Nations Soccer Festival and had around 125 kids from the surrounding areas show up
  • Played the ASD professional team and did pretty well (played a 6v6 tournament against them and made it to the Final. They formed three teams of 7 and rotated against us, round robin style)
  • Watched the Ubuntu players play against the ASD U17 team
  • Went to Ithemba Woods, a woodworking shop in Masiphumelele that offers jobs to the residents to build frames and other things by using recycled wooden pallets. Ithemba means "Hope" in Xhosa.
  • Took some of the Ubuntu players who are from Masi to the Masi Spur and had a good time of fellowship with them.
  • Continued prayer-walking in Ocean View
  • Continued coaching the Ubuntu teams
  • Continued helping out in the soup kitchen

Prayer Requests:

The weather has begun to be pretty awful (rainy, stormy) so pray that it clears up because the flooding in Masi can get pretty bad


Our team has faced many obstacles on this trip. Many of them being the daily wear and tear of the grind in the African bush. With no hot showers, AC, toilets, or change of meal other than beans and rice. Our daily routine is proving to be quite the difficult task to master. We are spending up to 10 hours a day carrying buckets of sand, lifting large rocks over our heads, pouring cement, and planting churches in local villages. It is now becoming apparent to all members of our team that in order for this trip to be successful, we must die to ourselves daily and stop looking after our own needs, in order to take care of the of the team.

"The past two weeks have been some of the most PHYSICALLY DEMANDING and MENTALLY DRAINING weeks of my life." – Graham Ford

Thankfully we have been seeing a very positive response to this adversity. Each team member has done an excellent job of working alongside one another and the Africans. Many have come to know the miraculous power of Christ and we have seen much growth in the local churches; including a new church plant in a primarily Muslim village.

Thank you all once again for your prayers of protection and peace. They are without a doubt making a huge impact on us, as we have only seen minor pains and illnesses.

This upcoming week is the final week of our trip, and for some of us, our last time in Africa. Pray that the team would seek God during our final hours here and that we would not check out, that the local villages would continue to see growth in their churches, and that our contact would feel refreshed by our time serving with him.

To him be all the glory.


The third week has past, and we are all so grateful for the time we’ve had teaching at Santisuk English School. Our hearts are overjoyed by the salvation of one of our students!! We are so blessed by being a part of what God is doing in Bangkok.

We have had the opportunity to lead five “English for Fun” services, where all of the students participate in ESL games and activities with the Gospel messages being presented.

This past weekend, we were able to safely travel in Bangkok with our students. We have continued to invest and spend time with our students, sharing about the Gospel, inside and outside of the classroom.

Highlight Testimonies:

  • The team preformed five “English for Fun” services last Thursday. The services consisted of 45 minutes of songs, games and personal testimonies. Megan, Mary, Gabe, Janelle, and Deb shared their testimonies in the services.
  • The team has continued to invest in their students. Some of our students came to visit the Friday night worship service.
  • Last Thursday, one of Deb’s students, who she has been investing in, became very interested in accepting and following Christ as her Savior. Deb walked her through the salvation prayer!! Her student’s name is Lily.


Ministry has been going well and I have seen the team grow in many ways especially those that are preaching. Some of the team is a part of the children's ministry team and they have been a blessing not only to Israel but also to the churches they have been working with in starting up their children's ministry. The kids love it and they are learning from all the stories. We have also gone to schools and done bible studies with them and will do more this week.

Testimony Time:

We have had over 13 salvations that we know of, and the cool thing is our van driver was among one those! He is a product of what God is doing through the team. Praise God. Since then he has looked out for the team has truly begun to be a part of our family.

We have had another healing. While praying over those that served us for 3 days at a church we were ministering to, there was a lady that I kept hearing God only say "Be ye healed!" So after grabbing a translator to ask her if she had any sickness or disease, we found out that she had very bad pain over a long time in her stomach and chest. So me, Mariah and Kevin prayed for her and the pain in her stomach left but she still had pain in her chest, so we prayed again, and God healed her completely. It was a blessing to see her rejoicing.

Another testimony would have to be from last week. Me and Mariah came back to Uganda because of our relationship with the family here. Israel is truly like a father and his wife a mother to us both. Israel pulled something out of me that I had no clue was there and because of that this year me and mariah honored him and his family by washing their feet. It was truly a moment where God was moving and it encouraged them. For momma Irene it was as if God was restoring to her daughters that she has lost because of her faith (coming from Islam to Christianity). In simply giving honor God healed their family emotionally and we have been adopted into the family and been like the beginning of the fulfillment of a promise to their family that God would give them children that would represent nations. And in that the team was even blessed to see that. It was truly cool.

Ok that is it for now. Thanks for all of your prayers, trust me we truly feel them.


Team is doing great with Dr. Russell and his wife Sophia.