ORU Missions Week 2 Updates from the Field


Our 2-week trips (Belize, Germany, Italy and Paraguay) have safely arrived back in the United States. Stay tuned for their amazing testimonies! Here are the weekly updates for the remaining 20 teams still out on the field. Please keep them all in your prayers. Thanks!


We cannot believe that we are half way through our trip! The Lord has been doing so much through our team and we cannot wait to share our personal stories with you all!


  • This past week started off with a day of rest and then a tour day in Benin. Wednesday, we spent more time at the house of prayer and prayed for the upcoming nightly crusades that we were going to be a part of. The house of prayer is coming along well! The tent has been firmly planted in the land we helped prepare, and we will begin teaching on prayer there next week and training the team who will lead prayer when we leave! The foundation was poured and the tent completed, which will serve as the temporary meeting place until a building takes its place in time. We were excited to see the temporary finished product, as we were a part of the process in preparing the land from the beginning.
  • Thursday marked the first day of the crusade! The crusade was held at an open site not too far from the University of Benin. It is in a large middle area between two busy streets with shops on each side. During the video that played, there were multiple people that stopped what they were doing just to see what was going. We saw multiple taxi drivers, adults, and children leave that night as sons and daughters of God.
  • Friday through Saturday we continued with the crusades and saw more and more people respond to the salvation message ministered each night. By Saturday night, we saw the largest crowd, probably around 300 people gather in the middle of the street to watch the skits, songs, and the video. It was a powerful time, where we saw many people come to know the Lord.
  • Sunday was the first day we were able to preach at the house of prayer. After the service, we traveled to our contact, Pastor Dewanou’s church, were we ministered songs, skits, a message for the youth, and were able to pray for them at the end of service!
  • Monday was our rest day and Tuesday we travelled to Port Novo, which was a great experience. Today we did a youth service, which was awesome. Lots of singing and dancing.


We were able to minister to over 300 people on the last night of the crusade, which was a really great experience. Every night there were at least 150 who gathered in the street to hear the songs and watch the video. At least half of those people who gathered accepted Jesus during the altar calls every night.

The prayer house tent has been put up, and the people who recently received Jesus from the crusades have been coming to the prayer house location for follow-up and one-on-one ministry. Next week we will begin teaching on prayer and training the team who will be leading after we leave.

We have had an awesome opportunity to minister to our driver Nazail. After talking to Pastor Jonvier, we found out that Nazail is a Catholic, who was never really serious about his faith. Every night we do ministry or any service, we have seen awesome changes in him. We can tell he is so proud of us and tries to get involved in everything that we do. It has been great getting to know him.

There’s a lot to be thankful for. These are just a few.

Prayer Requests:

  • That we would continue to have good health.
  • The crusades would continue to be fruitful.
  • That we would have more opportunities to minister and have meaningful encounters when we do minister.
  • That we would be able to bless our contacts as much as they have blessed us.

Thank you for your prayers! We just put up our team blog post!




  • Baby Orphanage Work
  • Working with the boy's home
  • Night talking with local missionaries
  • Children's Mission Orphanage Work
  • Family Day Outreach in the community; set up event (stage, balloon blowing, selling Cokes)
  • Small Group: sharing testimonies, worship night
  • Travel to Camp Kewina in the mountains
  • Help with Food Ministry to the elderly
  • Outdoor Work project, demolishing sink/rebuilding rock wall
  • Worship night
  • Work Project: machete/weed cuttings; wood cutting
  • Message and worship at mountain church service
  • Outreach with 2-6 graders; skits/dramas, games, teaching about Jesus
  • Work Project – cleaning cabins
  • Outreach with 4-8 graders; skits/dramas, games, teaching about Jesus


Many children and team members have prayed for healings and many have experienced instantaneous healings. The team, contacts and Camp Kewina Staff were able to worship for 2 hours in two consecutive nights and experienced some powerful times of worship. Faith has been undergoing heart changing experiences, especially through the Baby Orphanage (and wants to ask Bobby if we can adopt Dennis at the Fundacion Esperanza).

Prayer Requests:

  •  Health
  •  That the Holy Spirit would enable us to communicate more efficiently in Spanish
  •  To not become complacent in our unified/fun team and would go above and beyond to interact with all people and be led by the Holy Spirit
  • Continued energy
  • That Bolivians would have dreams about our team before meeting with us so that they know we were sent by God



(Parintins for 11 days)

  1. Construction for 4 days
  2. Held Saturday youth and Sunday church service 3. Visited three local schools


  1.  At Saturday night youth service, three young adults rededicated their lives to Christ
  2. Sunday church service, three people accepted Christ for the first time 3. Got the opportunity to talk with over 1400 students at a local school: One 16 year old named Luciano told our team that hearing one of our testimonies was the first time he had felt like he wasn't alone in his situation and was so moved that he accepted Christ during the alter call then shared his story with his own classmates. Was a huge highlight for our entire team.


  1. Team health
  2. Continued Unity
  3. Strength for the last week of ministry, and week-long construction


Hi Everyone! I wanted to say thank you so much for your support and prayer this last week! We have had amazing experiences our first week in Burkina Faso and have had an amazing time getting know our contacts and the people here.


    We have had training in French and are getting to know the culture. We went to the Village Tamwensa and helped the local church build a fence and plant trees. We also ministered to the local children and held a service for kids that had never heard the gospel and were mainly Muslims. We went to church services and shared with the youth and main services. We’ve also enjoyed time with our contacts swimming and having meals together. The boys left for another village this week while the girls are teaching English and computers at the local church 

Highlight Moments:

    The team prayed for a man with an ear ache and who couldn’t hear, and he was healed! In the village, the children opened up and were very receptive to the gospel and our love. Our team is growing so much in our personal lives and together as a unit

Prayer Requests:

The boys who are in the village.

Pastor Danny had his house broken into on Sunday and the computers we brought him were stolen, so that he is blessed and his computers are given back.

Protection for travels

Thank you for all of your support and prayers!


It's almost half time and Team Chile is going strong and has seen the Lord work in incredible ways. We have seen so many children touched by the Holy Spirit and we got to see many salvations of kids in particular.

Last weekend we spent in Molina, a city 3 hours south of Santiago and we worked with a "traditional, Pentecostal church" down there. We visited two schools on Friday, a prison on Saturday and did two church services Friday and Sunday. We also visited sick people on Saturday and got to pray for many people. It was an incredible time, we saw people being filled up with the Holy Spirit and at our services we saw salvations.

  • Monday was our free day and after a very full weekend the team needed a day of rest. We spent it relaxing and went out to spend time with our contacts.
  • Tuesday we went to a girls school to show a movie, explain the gospel and play with the girls. Afterwards we again spent time with our contacts.
  • Wednesday we visited the slums of Chile and got to do some skits, preach and spent time with people of all ages. These people live in horrific circumstances, circumstances that we only know of being reality in Africa, but there is a lot of need in Chile. Children, young adults and old people came to know the Lord Wednesday, it was phenomenal.
  • Thursday and Friday we spent with World vision, spending time with children and teaching the Bible to kids from 6-14.

Out of the many testimonies and salvations one was very impactful for the team. The time spent in the slums was marking for all of us and seeing people who seem so broken brought back together by the Holy Spirit was beautiful. After our preaching and worship we had the chance to hear the stories of the people living in these conditions and we saw some of them truly touched and changed, as well as their young children. What a beautiful thought that they could have a brighter future because we made ourselves available to be used by God.

Please pray that we would continue to press in and not be content with what we have done, but to keep expecting the supernatural to happen. Pray that we would keep our unity as a team and continue to lift up the people here at One Hope.

We are thankful for all of your prayers!

God is working down here. He has still two weeks in which He is going to use this Team, please keep lifting us up, we can feel it.



  • We have taught dance and music classes
  • Worked in the foster home
  •  Done marketing projects
  • Painting rooms
  • Cleaning and organizing classrooms
  • Babysitting for contacts
  • Blake and Taylor have been working in the foster home with the kids.
  • Gracie has been working with little learners.
  • Piang has been teaching home school kids
  • The rest of us have been doing various work projects such as painting, moving furniture and cleaning.
  • Danielle, Kelley, Jessie, and I got the opportunity to go teach English at the middle school with one of our contacts and some missionaries from another team in which we got the opportunity to eat lunch with the principal and vice principal.  This was amazing considering that the principal used to not like foreigners, and our contact Guy has only been here for 2 months and has had the doors flung wide open for him. He has been asked to pray several times.

Highlight Testimonies:

During the first week, Danielle and a few members from another team that is also currently here was able to pray for one of the volunteers. He had suffered a concussion a year ago from playing rugby that affected his eye sight and his neck. He couldn't turn his neck hardly at all to the left. After praying he regained complete eye sight and he regained complete mobility of his neck. A little girl who came up from the South got approved for heart surgery, and we got to see a little girl get adopted out.

 Prayer Request:

  • Prayer for health
  • Prayer for the staff, it is a busy time of the year for them
  • Pray for God to move in mighty ways in our team
  • That we can bless our contacts in great ways
  • Pray for God to move in the community, God has really been opening doors here for the people here.



  • Met the coolest contact whose name was Christine
  • Went to small villages
  • Preached to different churches throughout the region
  • Went to the mountains
  • Returned to Shanghai
  • Had a free day
  • Started interacting with the youth groups
  • Ran the youth service for Sunday


·         We had a kid receive Jesus at a youth group!


  • Pray that the team will keep positive attitudes for the remainder of the trip.
  • Pray for the kids at the youth group will continue to pursue Jesus with everything they have.
  • Pray for our contact
  • Pray for the team's health.

Zàijiàn!!! (See you again)


Hello from Kumasi,

The team has been in Kumasi since Monday and have been having a good time so far. We have done one clinical in a rural village and also worked in the hospital of the city of Effiduasi. Other than that we have had time to rest and bond as a team, as well as invest into the lives of two other teams that have been here this week as well (PA's from Pennsylvania and medical students from OSU). Today we spoke in front of 300 high school students as motivational speakers and 4 of our team members got to share their testimony. Tomorrow we will be giving a short sermon at a local church.



     We have had a great second week in Chichicastenango, Guatemala. Last Sunday we visited a church "Algo Nuevo" where mostly youth and young adults attend. The message was on King David and Absalom, how there was conflict between the father and son that were not dealt with. On Monday we started teaching in the "Esquela Mixta Rural" which is an elementary school for grades K-5 through 6th grade. We taught English in each classroom on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. On Monday night we helped at a cell group for young adults. Our ATL, Abby Wells, spoke a message on leadership for the group of about thirty people. On Tuesday after English classes in the morning we helped with a children's bible study at our contacts, Michael and Chrissi's Home. There were about ten children at their house. We played games, led worship, and listened as the children read bible stories to each other. That night we went to another cell group for young adults and taught about each person's testimony. One of our team members, Michael shared his testimony and then everyone split up into groups of three or four and shared with each other their testimonies. On Wednesday we went to a work project in the mountains, a family had lost their father to an infection and alcohol abuse. Their house was needing a lot of repairs so in a field near their existing house we built the supports and roof for a new house. In a few weeks another church will be coming down to build the floor and walls for the family. That night we played a soccer game with the ASELSI staff at a sports complex, it was a fun time with our contacts. Halfway through the game it started raining really hard, and our team ended up winning the game. On Thursday after teaching English we visited a hospital in a city near Chichicastenango. We were able to pray for men, women, and children who were getting treated for various injuries and sicknesses, each person we visited also received a gift bag. That night we met with young adults from four churches in the city. We came together to plan an outreach to the city of chichi next Thursday night. It was a fun night of bringing the young adults from different areas together. On Friday we rode in a bus to Panajachel for a free day, as it is halfway through our trip our contacts gave us two days off this weekend to relax and see another part of Guatemala. During our free day we went zip-lining through part of the forest area and saw some monkeys and other interesting plants and trees. These past two weeks have been incredible. We have had a variety of ministry opportunities and our team is expectant for even more during upcoming weeks. Yesterday, Monday we helped with two work projects, one was mixing cement for a guard shack at ASELSI, and the other was carrying sand in wheelbarrows up a mountain trail to a house about ten minute walk from the road. Two of the team members helped in the morning at a handicapped school, and one of our guys helped in a physical therapy clinic at ASELSI. To finish the night we had a worship and prayer night with the young adults of several churches in Chichicastenango. .


  • At the worship night last night we were able to join in prayer with several different churches for the city of Chichicastenango, and it was a powerful time.
  • Our free day in Panajachel was a refreshing and beautiful time, being in the middle of our trip it was a great refocusing time.     
  • The school visits have been a lot of fun, and the smaller classrooms have allowed team members to get to know the children even better.
  • For us guys, carrying the sand up the mountain to the house was a great team building time of pushing each other physically.

Prayer Requests:

  • For continued unity as we continue with the second half of the trip.
  • For the outreach that we are doing this Thursday Night in the city passing out bread and coffee to those who are on the streets.
  • For the children and youth cell groups that we are going to be a part of this week, that Gods word would go forth and tough people’s hearts.


Over the past week we have been working with CCH at the kids camps they have been putting on. It is Wednesday afternoon and we just finished the second camp; the third one starts tonight at 6. Each camp we meet a new group of kids (5-12 years old) and worship, play games, learn about the Bible, draw, do skits, and we have occasionally had the chance to pray for them. We are also in charge of teaching them a Bible lesson 2 times a day about the kingdom of God (10-15 minutes).

There have been many cool stories from each of the team members with the kids, and they are absolutely loving their time with them. We also had a chance to pray for the kids last night before they went to dinner, and it was cool as some of them came back later and asked us to pray for them individually.

  • That the team is able to find physical and spiritual rest in the midst of the busy schedule.
  • That the team would know the heart of the Father for the children each and every time they interact with

Thanks for everything. India North out!


Hey Everyone!

Here is the team summary from the past two weeks:

  • Spent time with our contacts Pastor Chaco, Pastor Kurien
  • We had a free day shopping with our contacts in Kerala where we bought native dress and items
  • The team did ministry in the local Boys Home of about 30 boys in Kerala (Worship, Skits, Stories, Prayer, Games, and Small Groups)
  • The second week, our team did ministry (Worship, Skits, Stories, Prayer, Games, and Small Groups) at the Michael Job Center with over 300 girls
  • We had a free evening spent at McDonalds as a team, and walking around a mall with the contact here at the Michael Job Center (Matthew Phillips)

Highlight Testimonies:

Doing services at the Michael Job Center has been the highlight of everyone's time here so far. The girls on the team have loved doing small groups with the 300+ girls and then doing daily services and games with them. We as a team have connected so well with them. We have seen girls re-dedicate their lives to the Lord, and have seen lots of joy and seeds be planted in all the girls here.

Secondly, doing ministry with the boys from the Boys Home in Kerala was a highlight, especially for the guys. We worked very hard at engaging with them to get a platform to speak into their lives. They are great boys, who really loved to see good role models and encouragement in their faith.

Also, we have really been able to connect with our driver in Kerala named Joy. He was very shy and hesitant to speak with us at first, but soon opened up to us and even spent a debrief with us sharing his testimony and opening up to us.

Prayer Requests:

  1. That we would continue to stay healthy physically, emotionally, and spiritually as we do ministry here in India.
  2. That we would do everything in excellence and that the Lord would speak in us and through us to the children at the Compassion sites (where we are going to next).
  3. That the team spirit and joy continues to stay consistent and that the joy of the Lord would be our strength. Please pray that endurance for the last two weeks would be with us; not that we would simply finish, but finish strong and full of joy and life.

Thanks so much!



Hey Everyone!

Team Japan is doing great. We worked with two separate schools throughout the week. One was the kindergarten with the cutest kids I have seriously ever seen. We love them so much. The contacts at that school pour into our team in a very special way, it's wonderful. The other school we are working with is a middle and high school. The principle is so sweet. He really takes care of the team. We have experienced something very unique in this country. It is like nothing I have ever seen, yet it's so beautiful. We hang out with Chelsea (an ORU alumnus and previous Japan Team Leader) at the kindergarten and her church. Grace Church is beyond wonderful The team is growing and getting pushed in a new way. We have experienced a lot within the last week.

One of the coolest moments that we experienced with our team was when we discovered the truth about vulnerability cultivating vulnerability. We had a worship night in our apartment, and I opened with a serious thing that God dealt with me about during ropes. After that, a member gave her full testimony for that first time. The group shared about deep things they have gone through. It was one of the most healing nights I have ever seen. God is having His way with this team!! I'm so blessed by them!

Again, thank you for making this happen!




This week we have:

We didn't go out on Wednesday, but Tuesday morning we helped at the youth care boys home to move bricks in order to help build a wall for a garden. (Monday we also worked at the boys home and then go to the after school program)

Then on Thursday we worked more out at madezi, with rise Malawi and helped to paint a wall, then headed to Salima. We will leave Salima tomorrow after church.

We have participated in a few work projects, which consisted of helping to grind corn, clear brush, clean homes and re mud the hut floors, as well as clean the local church (all in Salima)

As well we have done home visits and had opportunities to play with the children and share the gospel. About 25-30 of them received Christ today in the village when they opened the floor to us to share


When in the village we were able to work on three separate projects. Afterwards the chief of the village brought everyone together and we were able to share the full gospel. Almost all the children present raised their hand to receive the gospel and then the people with corner stone ministries followed up with them all on getting into a local church.


  • Pray for health and wellbeing of the team
  • That God would use us to refresh our contacts even in our last day with them.
  • That we would be sensitive to what God is doing in the people here though we are working with mostly Christians, and that we would know how to encourage them.
  • Safe travels as we head to Blantyre.



Our team is doing really well. We've spent the past week in Kathmandu. Everyone is drinking plenty of water and staying healthy.

Our contacts are incredible. It’s great! So far, ministry has been a lot of street outreach at temples, town squares, and hospitals. We've seen divine healings, salvations, and we got to share the gospel and our skits a ton. Hindus and Buddhists are honestly very open to the gospel. We pray for literally 50-100 people per day. Today, we visited local churches and helped with several children's ministries. With iris ministries, we did a red light district outreach. One girl gave her life to Christ! Linda turner invited us to speak at a youth conference last night, and we did! We saw healings, people slain in the spirit, and had a ton of fun!

Our accommodation is great. Food has been good. Thank you for your prayers!


Hey! Thinking about you guys all the way in the Philippines!


So this past week we worked in the land, shoveling out boulders, and moving dirt so that it would be more kid friendly. We also led worship for some different events, as well as helping with lots of children’s ministry. We also did a service for youth one night. We also got to hang out with Gabe and Katie on our day in Tondo, praying through the homes.

Highlight Testimonies:

Tondo is a huge testimony. We saw healings and a salvation. The team handled Tondo SO well. Gabe even mentioned that we were just a lot different than some of the previous teams in the way we handled the smells, sights, and trash. That was a huge encouragement for us because I could see the nervousness on my team as we get into Tondo.

One testimony a lot of us would say we were blessed with this week is getting to know Harold and Cylynn. They’ve been helping Toby out since the baby came a few weeks early and they have been spoiling us this week. It’s been cool to encourage them and connect with them. We didn’t see much of Harold at the beginning of the trip so it’s been awesome to see the team really care about getting to know him, asking about Berkely and music and stuff. I think this was a big testimony for us because I’m not sure many of the team really knew what to expect with our contacts or what it meant to bless them. We’ve found that simply asking about their life, ministry, and even just playing ping pong and laughing have been such a blessing to not only them, but also us.

Prayer Requests:

  • That we would continue to die to our flesh and have a desire to want to do ministry.
  • Strength. The manual labor is tiring but we all love doing it. It definitely wears us out, though. So just that we would wake up renewed every morning with new energy.
  • Good health. Everyone is getting tired so pray that our immune systems would be even stronger than they were when we got here.
  • That we would have a boldness and confidence in what the Holy Spirit is doing. We have a few people on the team that struggle with if they’re hearing God or if it’s just their voice. Pray that our faith would be strengthened and grown.

Thank you for the prayers!! Love and miss you guys.



  • Ministry training with All Nations and Ubuntu
  • Showed the team Ocean View and the rest of the Valley (Noordhoek, Fish Hoek, Kommetjie, Sun Valley)
  • Picked up Ubuntu kids from Lavender Hill and Steenberg ("over the mountain") and took them to school on Thursday and Friday
  • Trained the Ubuntu Football Academy kids 
  • Helped with Football Forward (after-school soccer program that teaches kids life values and presents the Gospel to them regularly)
  • Worked in a soup kitchen in Ocean View that the residents started to combat the growing number of poor and hungry homeless and children
  • Babysat our contact's children, as well as several other All Nations missionaries' kids.
  • Went to Cape Town Stormers rugby game, Hillsong, and Cape of Good Hope. 
  • Watched league games of the Ubuntu/Fish Hoek U15A team in Rygersdal and later hung out with several of the youth.


Hello! The team is doing awesome. We are all working our butts off, up at 6 and working till 6. Everyone has kept their spirits high with good attitudes towards each other and the Africans. We have so far seen a group of 20 children and another 5 adults come to know Jesus in our 3 days of ministry. We are working on several projects, painting a house, digging a 100 yard by 4 ft. ditch to lay a plumbing. We are also moving large heavy rocks for the driveway, pouring and mixing concrete, and also doing evangelism with church planting teams in local villages.


Week 2 Update

The second week past, and we are so incredibly grateful to God for the time we have had in Thailand, thus far.  Everyone is bonding with their students and having a great time teaching English. The team has had many meaningful conversations about the Gospel with their students, inside and outside the classroom.

Amidst the political situation in Thailand, the team has maintained an optimistic attitude and has been able to continue with the ministry. The leaders have been in communication with the contacts, and have been following all of the given instructions. The team remained within the Bangkapi area this past weekend, for safety reasons. The team took this time to have team devotionals and spend time with their students that live within the Bangkapi area.

Highlight Testimonies:

  • Despite not being able to travel outside our area, we were able to spend time with some of our students. 
  • One of my students, Nung, who is not a Christian, came to the Friday night worship service, Sunday morning cell group and to the Friendship Sunday service. I am continuing to pray for and spend time with him.
  • During the Friendship Sunday the team preformed two skits, the sin chair skit and the Take Heart skit, in front of many non-believers.
  • Dr. Livingston arrived to Thailand safely, and has been a great addition to our team.


Ministry has been going well and I have seen the team grow in many ways especially those that are preaching. Some of the team is a part of the children's ministry team and they have been a blessing not only to Israel but also to the churches they have been working with in starting up their children's ministry. The kids love it and they are learning from all the stories. We have also gone to schools and done bible studies with them and will do more this week.

Testimony Time:

We have had over 13 salvations that we know of, and the cool thing is our van driver was among one those! He is a product of what God is doing through the team. Praise God. Since then he has looked out for the team has truly begun to be a part of our family.

We have had another healing. While praying over those that served us for 3 days at a church we were ministering to, there was a lady that I kept hearing God only say "Be ye healed!" So after grabbing a translator to ask her if she had any sickness or disease, we found out that she had very bad pain over a long time in her stomach and chest. So me, Mariah and Kevin prayed for her and the pain in her stomach left but she still had pain in her chest, so we prayed again, and God healed her completely. It was a blessing to see her rejoicing.

Another testimony would have to be from last week. Me and Mariah came back to Uganda because of our relationship with the family here. Israel is truly like a father and his wife a mother to us both. Israel pulled something out of me that I had no clue was there and because of that this year me and Mariah honored him and his family by washing their feet. It was truly a moment where God was moving and it encouraged them. For momma Irene it was as if God was restoring to her daughters that she has lost because of her faith (coming from Islam to Christianity). In simply giving honor God healed their family emotionally and we have been adopted into the family and been like the beginning of the fulfillment of a promise to their family that God would give them children that would represent nations. And in that the team was even blessed to see that. It was truly cool.

Ok that is it for now. Thanks for all of your prayers, trust me we truly feel them.


Team is doing great with Dr. Russell and his wife Sophia.