That Jesus Guy

My name is Molly Chipps and I want to give you a window view into one of many stories that has forever changed my life.

“…Allow a homeless man in Japan to experience Gods heart.” – ORU Missions Director Bobby Parks

A simple sentence prayed over all of the missions trips during our week of training before leaving the country. Bobby had no idea what he was speaking into the Japan trip by those words. However, this sentence was long forgotten as the beginning of our third week of ministry approached us. During a prayer meeting, a member reminded everyone about that prayer. This brought me to my knees with tears in my eyes. At that moment, I realized how incredible God is. He uses the simple things we ask and changes lives with His pure goodness.

On May 23rd, a homeless man with a cardboard bed and sneakers for a pillow understood that pure goodness. He asked me two questions that stirred a curiosity within his soul. “Is there really one true God? Even though there are a lot of religions.” and, “What happens after someone dies?” A hour passed and at the end of the conversation he turned to me and asked if he could be friends with this Jesus guy.

This doesn’t happen in Japan. People say that Japan is hopeless because having 99.5% of 127 million people come to know the one and true God is impossible. However, is it really that impossible? I do not believe that my God would give up on people that He desperately wants to show His relentless love to.

God is a good God; He is a faithful God. Team Japan is pressing into that goodness. I pray that this story encourages you. Japan will know Jesus because He is too incredible and desirable not to be known.

Keep my team in your prayers as we are now in Iwaki working with refugees from the 2011 Tsunami, earth quack and Nuclear Power Plant explosion.

Xoxo, Team Japan.