The Lord Continues To Surprise Us — Miami Day 5


When our team woke up today, we had no idea the sweet surprise Jesus would unfold for us right before our eyes later today. This morning we had the opportunity to have breakfast with Ms. Jean again; just talking with her, and listening to her passionate heart for Jesus and His children. One of the prayer points she had for us as we were talking, was for her to find the woman, Bartilda Vasquez, who gave Ms. Jean the FIRST house on the His House property to start her ministry. After our breakfast was over, Ms. Jean was about to go into another meeting when David, our TL, asks her if we can pray with her before she has to go. Of course she says yes, and we start to pray for her ministry and the work that the Lord is doing at His House, but more specifically that Ms. Jean would find this woman, so she can share with her the harvest that the Lord has made with the seed that Ms. Bartilda had once planted 25 years ago. We finished praying and Ms. Jean went through the doors to go off to her next meeting, and not even 10 seconds later, she comes back through the doors, weeping, pulling another woman along with her saying, "Look! I have found Ms. Bartilda's daughter!!" Ms. Jean and her staff had been praying for 25 years that they would one day see this woman again, and now, standing in front of us was her daughter that was there for a job fair by chance! Her mother is still alive, and her daughter promised to bring her mother back, so she can see what the Lord has done! It was truly an inspiring and touching moment on this trip for all of us, as we were all weeping, in utter shock that Jesus would answer a prayer that we just prayed, and just praising Him for such a wonderful reunion! 

We then got to go out into the beautiful Miami hot sun and lay down brand new mulch for majority of the playgrounds outside of the individual houses on the property. We were so excited to do this as the kids didn't know it was happening, so when they would arrive back from school, they would have a fun surprise! We also got to do some office work for the administrators and clean out Ms. Jean's office as they are getting ready for renevations. Majority of us got to go back to the after school program with Urban Promise today and love on the kids some more. There have been some great testimonies with interactions with these sweet children. For one – I was drawing with chalk on the sidewalk with one of the kindergartener boys, and I drew a heart with "Jesus" in the middle of it. Shortly after, he copied it and with a huge grin said, "hey! That says Jesus!" Then proceeded to tell me that he wanted to draw me something too and in chalk wrote, "Your mi syberhero Jesus." Translation – "You're my superhero, Jesus" :) My heart melted, as I knew he really loved Jesus and that childlike faith just shined right through him! Many of us on the team have been able to have the revelation that these kids are Jesus in the purest form. They will love and hug on you right when you see them and will want to spend every minute of every day with you. We've really loved getting to establish relatiosnhips with these kids, and are definitely going to hate to leave, but we pray that the time we spend with them will have an impact on them for the rest of their lives, even if it's in the smallest way. 

We so appreciate your prayers as we are serving His people over here. A couple things in specific that you could be praying for are: 1. One of our teammates is sick and would love for her to feel 100% tomorrow as we will be working outside all day & 2. There is a pastor's conference at His House tomorrow and would love it if you all could believe with us that there will be an overflow of pastors in the chapel that come and better learn how to share the good news!  

We love you all. Thank you so very much for all your support!