Day 4: Team Miami

Miami Day 4

Today was another great day at His House! We arrived early to have breakfast with our contact Jean. She was raised by her two parents who happened to be Cuban immigrants. The Lord put in her heart to start a children's home in Miami, although she had other plans for her life. She told us that she definitely had faith and trust in the Lord but she told Him that He had to speak loud for her to hear this mission! Her own personal testimony and story of how His House came to be was truly inspiring. She also poured into our hearts about how we are the family for God's children and we need to take care of the widows, the orphans, and the strangers. After the breakfast meeting with Jean, we went over to the Hector Building which is His House's office building. They had a whole department dedicated to social work that needed cleaned out entirely. We took out several desks, chairs, cubicles, office supplies, papers. etc. There was so much for us to do! Jonathan and Danny took care of stacking the desks, file drawers, and refridgerators. It was like real life tetris! Everyone else mainly emptied the rooms, swept the floors, and prepared the offices to be painted this week! When we were about 90% done with the offices, we took our lunch break at a park nearby. When we got back to the His House campus, we got to play some more with the kids and help them with their homework which is a part of their after school program. Lexi says: "The kids are so sweet I just want to squeeze them!" They are so adorable, it is hard to part with them at the end of the day even though we are so tired! Jonathan says to add in that we are safe and well fed! Everyone's favorite part of today was meeting with Mama Jean because she was so inspiring and led of the Lord!