Team Miami: Day 2 & 3


Yesterday we were able to meet a family from one of the houses! We met up with them and attended their church at Christ Fellowship. After the church service, we ate a little bit and played frisbee with the kids at the church. Afterwards, we went to the beach with the house family and spent some time with them.

Today was our first day at The Academy at His House. The Academy is their school where they believe in "Education with a firm foundation." Team members Bobbi, Amanda, David and Laura got to help out the teachers by doing classroom activities such as reading, helping with students' worksheets, etc. David got to read a story from the Bible to one of the classes. While they were helping out the teachers, Cheyenne and Lexi helped with snack time when the kids came outside to play. Jonathan and Danny set up some games for the kids to play while Katelyn set up the kitchen for lunch. 

The kids are separated by grade level and get to come outside in groups. They rotate the groups of children so everyone pretty much gets their own time. The children love to play their own version of Foursquare. They also have basketball, soccer, football, volleyball, etc. For the afterschool program, we were able to help kids with their homework such as spelling, math, and bible. We also coordinated a kickball game as well as a relay race with buckets, sand shovels, balls, and bats! During the kickball game, Danny, Jonathan, Bobbi and Cheyenne came up with some creative rules to encourage the students to be kind to each other. 

The kids love to sing and dance, and impressed us with their dance moves to  "Jesus is my Superhero!" Luckily, Jonathan knew the song on guitar and played it for them right then and there! We are enjoying every minute with these kids!