Ropes Training

Before sending out student missionaries into the field, our office takes teams through "Ropes", an incredible team building experience that combines physical and mental exercises to strengthen and unify our teams. During "Ropes," many teams discover incredible strengths, and sometimes, surprising weaknesses. Many are challenged spiritually, physically, and emotionally as they are encouraged to "run to the cross" and to die to their flesh and be better prepared to be a light to the lost and invest in their contacts as they are more unified as a team.

March 1, spring break teams gathered for ropes training at Camp Victory in Mannford, OK. As each team participated in these bonding exercises, they underwent the healthy process of identifying their teams weaknesses. South Dakota team member Tia Orred said, “Ropes really challenged me individually and as a team. The facilitators used real world cultural experiences to show us what it would be like on the field. Going in we thought our team was strong, but during the challenges we realized how to strengthen our weaknesses that were there all along.” Although the process was uncomfortable, our spring break teams are now unified and ready to leave March 15 for their mission trips.

Ropes for the summer teams will take place the first week of May before 2 week and 4 week trips depart.Thank you for continually supporting our office and student missionaries as we challenge and prepare them to spread the word of God to the nations and here in the U.S.