Here we come, Miami!

Team Miami2

      Hello there! So excited to introduce our team. From top to bottom and left to right we have: Katelyn Quattlebaum, Laura Cobb, Bobbi Brown, Cheyenne Zawacki, Jonathan Harper, Danny Enriquez, Amanda Sturgill, Lexi Brancadora, and David Fraser. Our team leaders are David Fraser (TL) and Katelyn Quattlebaum (ATL).

       We are all so excited for our spring break mission’s trip in TWO days! We will be sharing the love of God to children from newborn to 18 years old. His House Children’s Home, located in Miami, FL, houses children from all different backgrounds. Some of the kids have been sex trafficked, immigrated to the United States whether it be from Haiti or Cuba, or were taken from their parents right here in the United States because of bad living situations including abuse, neglect, etc.

      We recently had our Spring Break Ropes Training, which focused on team building through many different activities and courses. These courses forced us to communicate as a team and rely on each other to complete it successfully. We are looking forward to using these skills on the mission’s field and are asking for your prayers for safe travels and successful trip pouring the love of Christ into these kids’ lives! smiley