Team Guatemala Summer 2014

Team Guatemala 2014 Wide

This is going to be an amazing year! Team Guatemala is so excited for our trip in just a few months. Thank you for taking the time to connect with us as we embark on this journey to Guatemala. We had our first meeting for 2014 on Friday night January 17th. Each member of our team shared their excitement and passion for different types of ministry that we will be a part of in Guatemala. As members of our team shared their experiences, and what they each love to do, we each began to see how important each member will be in making our trip amazing. Our team is growing closer together and this unity will help us be effective witnesses to the people in Guatemala. 

Two of our team members had the opportunity to travel with ORU last year to Guatemala and connect with ASELSI ministries. At our meeting they shared inspiring stories of the opportunities they had last year in Guatemala. Looking around the room you could see the excitement on each team members face as Joel and Abby shared from their experiences in Guatemala. They shared about the kids that they were able to play soccer with, minister to, and pray for God to touch. For our trip we know that God is the center of everything we do, that He is our source and our strength. As we meet over the next few months and train in various ways, we know that God is going to equip us to bring His message of unity, love, forgiveness, and salvation to the people in Guatemala. And in this process we are expectant for God to do a work in each of our lives as well. 

Connect with us in prayer during this journey, as we take steps toward bringing Gods healing power to the dark places of Guatemala.