Tanzania 2013 Summary


Hello everyone!


We want to give you a summary of our trip to Tanzania this last month. We were in the Katavi region of Tanzania which is on west side of the country, south of Kigoma, along Lake Tanganyika.

Our trip focused primarily on distribution of 13,735 NT Swahili Bibles in many rural villages. By giving one NT Bible to each home, we were the initial contact of the gospel in most of those villages we visited. We helped introduce people to Jesus which will lead the way for churches to be planted and discipleship happening in the near future with Tori's church planting teams of 300 Ugandan missionaries. Several of the villages already have a pastor and a church with minimal influence in the community.

We also helped build 7 small bamboo bridges across mud holes and small rivers on the road to Ugaraba and Kashaguru. We did this for about 1 week of our trip and worked alongside men from Ugaraba.

Our team also shadowed the discipleship team in Kansansa, taught and prayed at their Bible studies in surrounding villages and encouraged the discipleship team and young believers in their Bible studies.

Several of our team members also preached at churches on 2 different Sundays. At least 9 people made commitments to Jesus Christ at the churches and throughout the rest of our trip.

Overall our trip was very difficult physically and mentally, dealing with different injuries and the tiredness from each long day of work. We were removed from our American comforts and familiarity and encountered the African bush for a month. God taught us so much about following Him wherever He leads us, no matter what corner of the world. We learned that being a part of His mission means doing things that are not easy and may cause us to lose comfort, sleep, strength, health, energy, and time. 

But it was all worth it for those Tanzanians to know Jesus Christ as their Savior, King, and Friend. We are so grateful God used us to minister His word to them. Though some have and will reject the gospel, MANY will know Jesus Christ through the work He used us to accomplish.

We thank all our friends and family who supported us in prayer and finances. We definitely felt your prayers while we were there. Please continue to pray for Tori and all of the teams who continue to minister to the Rungwa, Sukuma, and other tribes in the Katavi region. God is doing great things in Tanzania!


Seth, Smitty, Daniel, Jason, Matt, Michael, Ryan, and Tim