The Legacy of a Missionary

Me and Israel

In our month spent in western Uganda, we saw some really amazing things. We saw villagers walk four miles to hear our team speak God’s word in a church seminar. We saw grown men attend our open air crusades and receive Christ for the first time. We saw over forty new believers get dipped into a muddy river and rise from the water with a new life in Christ.

Still, the coolest thing we got to see during our trip was the legacy of a missionary. A few years back, an ORU missionary took a summer trip to the nation of Uganda. Little did he know, it would change the direction of his life, as he later decided to move to Uganda and start a Bible school shortly after graduating from ORU. It was a student in his bible school, Pastor Nabimanya Israel, who was our main contact for the last month.

Pastor Israel oversees ten churches in Uganda, the director of a bible school, and has also built a primary & secondary school and clinic in the village of Kansenane.

We were sitting in a church service on June 4th when Pastor Israel taught us a lesson we will never forget. In the service were ten of his past students from his own bible school who were now serving as pastors in the surrounding villages. Pastor Israel turned to us, the ORU team, and recited 2 Timothy 2:2:

“And the things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also. “ -2 Timothy 2:2, NKJV

Pastor Israel showed us that a man named Oral Roberts committed the word of God to his students at ORU, including a future missionary named Tim Way. Tim Way then began his Bible School in Masaka, Uganda and committed the word of God to others, including a future pastor named Nabimanya Israel. Then, Pastor Israel committed what he learned to these village pastors in western Uganda, who minister in their churches every single week. The result is discipleship the way that Jesus intended.

While our trip impacted us in so many ways, we will never forget the example we were shown of how one man can make such a profound impact on the nations. ORU missions is so much more than a short term trip. We are changing the nations for eternity by responding to God’s call, because true discipleship is what's worth it.

-John Antonucci, Team Leader