Semana tres


So much has happened in the last few days its hard to believe that this week has already flown past us. Even though the Guat Squad has been here in Guatemala for almost three weeks (that will be Sunday) it feels as though we have been here for either a year or a week.  That is, when we consider how many people we have met and made friends with it feels as though we have been here a year yet somehow it still doesn’t feel like we’ve been here long at all.  This past weekend we headed out with Luis Carlos to help with a youth retreat near the town of Isquintla. We were able to help him and his team minister to about 28 young Guatemalans. Some seeds were planted and fruit came to the surface as we talked and prayed with these young people. Monday morning was another shift in our work schedule as the girls began helping here at the school, Vida y Esperanza, while Charles and I (Justice) headed back to San Andres Itzapa to help Gerber deliver the water filters we made the week before last. We helped him both Monday and Tuesday, when we were also joined by Chelsey Dillon and Adam Highfill who gave us a hand and gave us a mid-trip energy boost.  This second half of the week  Charles and I got to start helping the girls being teachers aids in the school. Being able to give teachers a hand was an awesome experience and playing with the kids was a ton of fun.