More than a Major.

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Before setting out on this adventure, none of us knew what we were getting into. We're all business majors, working on a business missions trip, but none of us thought we'd be doing what we are doing. 

Today was a special day. We got invited into a classroom of software engineers to critique a presentation on a business plan to make a growing community college's engineering department have a sustainable program to give students an opportunity to get experience in a country where the option for experience in that field are very little. The plan was great, and the best part was that we got to pray over the business plan, over the professor who passionately sacrifices for his students and uses Godly disciplines to teach them, and for almost an entire class of college students. 

Besides just working on business projects, we've been able to minister in schools, openly, lead youth serives in two different churches in the area for the last three weeks and make trips to different areas around Johannesburg just to minister to people. I'm learning quickly that evangelism comes in so many different forms. Getting the opportunity to love on people who the rest of the world does not see, serving small businesses and organizations who are over their head in work and just showing Christ's compassion with simple acts of kindness. 

It's been amazing to show Christ love on this trip in so many dynamic ways. We get the opportunity to bless people in the boardroom and on the streets, and I wouldn't trade it for the world.