week three in Kacha, Cremea…

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Hey everyone! So it has been a little under three weeks that we have been in Ukraine and it has been an exciting experince!

Our trip has been filled with spontanuity, lots of opportunities, and ….well….lots of kids..

Here are some things that have happened…

For the first week and half we prepared, worked at a Tartar church with guys from their rehab center, and visited small villages with sports equipement and a jumping blow up house for children to jump on…this would bring large crowds of children and parents…most of whom were Tartar Muslims. we would finish our evenings with skits, dances, and messages about Gods love….


For the last week we have been working at a disguise Christian English camp for islamic children located by the Black Sea in Kacha…every day we plan according to a theme based on the Character of God…every day is meant to bring the kids closer to a decision about Jesus as son of God…on Saturday, just couple days ago, the kids finally heard about Jesus and many prayed the salvation prayer…Praise the Lord! It has been difficult not being able to use the name of Jesus or any other Christian language we are used to using when witnessing. God has been teaching our team new ways of communicating His love…it has been a worth it challenge….What was most worth about persevering through the week, was last  Saturday nights service- the kids who prayed a prayer of salvation and now are able to lead their parents and others to Christ.

We have one more week left and we feel that this week may be the most important week…a new group of older kids are coming to camp this wednesday…now that we have some experince and are more prepared, we can focus even more on building stronger impacting relationships with a Ukrainian generation that has potential to change this communist and war torn country. Please pray for us as we finish strong!

Alina and team Ukraine!