From “city” life, to village life

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We got back from the village yesterday afternoon, very exhausted and very in love with the people we met. It's a very interesting transition going from what is one of the most developed cities in the country (which is not super developed in the eyes of us, Americans), to a village where there is no running water, bathroom, or lights. But the best part about it is that I think all seven of us loved the village life more than the city life. 

It was so much fun to sleep outside with all of God's creation. The scorpians weren't our best friends, and the roosters were for sure our best friends when they acted as an alarm clock at 5:30am.Not the best thing in the world, but we adjusted! We did lots of ministry with the kids and the people of the church, which is only about 15 people. We got to pray and share the gospel with so many people, especially children. Lots of us have been able to share our testimony and just pour out our love on the kids. Each of us connected with different kids, who now hold a special place in all of our hearts. 

One of the biggest blessings that overwhelmed me was the people that served us. The way they serve so selflessly, doing whatever we asked – in broken French, of course- was so humbling. When we arrived, the pastor told us how honored they were that we would take time out of our lives to visit their small village, but the thing is, we were the ones that were honored. We were so incredibly blessed by everything they did for us. They live to serve and that is something we should all strive to do. Love is a choice and they definitely showed it.

God continually teaches us about the value of one life. All of those kids running behind the bus, waving and yelling, they took a little bit of us when when we left. He's showing us that sometimes, all we can do is show them attention. Sometimes all you can do is hug them. We've seen lots of people come to know the Lord, which has been super exciting.

We just found out that we will be working with a medical missions team for a few days this week and we are all really excited about it! Please be praying specifically for our team's health this week. Some of us are coming down with a cold so a speedy recovery is necessary! Because we really don't have time for that. Haha. Also just pray that the Lord would guide us in everything that we do. 

Much love from Burkina!