Updates From the Field

India Day 2 Web 15


Friday, May 17th   E-mail from Jessie

Summary: The past week has been great. We have accomplished so much.

Visited and shared the gospel using songs, skits, and bible stories at 5 different schools with over 150 kids each. At each school we have ministered to 3 different age groups and have tailored messages and skits for each age group. Painted a house, laid cement around the compound, cleaned the preschool and church on the  base, led children's church. Each team member has been able to speak and share and it has been incredible watching them step out in faith and boldness. 

Highlight Testimonies: Each school has responded so positively to the gospel. We have been given so much freedom and grace with the principles that they have allowed us to preach salvation messages and invited us back. The contacts have told us that they love the programs that we created and have asked us to be involved in more activities with the children at the church.

Prayer requests: Pray for good health, Pray for spiritual awakening in the Belizean church, Pray for a fresh anointing in the team, and Pray the Micah and I would be able to connect, motivate and challenge the team toward a deeper relationship with God



Thursday, May 16th  E-mail from Danny

Summary: So far our team has helped with ministering to a children's program in the mornings and preschool. We have seen over 50 people who have received salvation! Also we have worked with orphanage children and spent time with them.We are currently leading a worship conference at nights and yesterday was our first day of thatLastly, today we went downtown and fed the homeless, unwanted people of Bolivia. These people literally have nothing and sniff glue just to take away hunger pains. We ministered to them, fed them, and tried to love them in every way possible.

Highlight Testimonies: During this week, we have seen over 50 children accept Christ into their heart and make the greatest decisions they could ever make! We also have been able to reach out and show the love of God to those who are unwanted- the people in the orphanage and people who literally have nothing and live on the streets in town.

Prayer Requests: For Gods provisions over the rest of the ministry's, and healing from sickness. Lastly, please pray for our contacts Kara and Jonathon and that the team would continue to bless theM, in every way possible.


Brazil 2 week

Wednesday, May 22nd  Email from Bekah and Austin

Summary: Visited five schools where we performed the different skits, lead the kids in a worship song, then one of us would give a testimony, and another would lead the kids/teenagers in prayer lead them in a prayer. Afterwards we usually had free time with the kids and played some basketball or soccer.

Visited "Deus Provera" drug rehabilitation center where Bekah, Tiana, Annamarie lead the patients in worship, we then gave a testimony and ads message. We also had free time to talk with these patients and get to see how their everyday life is. This center is a Christian organization funded through donations and the patients take part in the upkeep and maintenance of the facilities. It was a very unique experience, and we felt very safe throughout the process.

We lead services at numerous churches, many of us had opportunities to speak, or share a testimony, and we also had the opportunity to lead worship at many of the churches. One of our outreaches was at a park named Ceilandia. Some locals showed us a dance routine and then a short basketball performance. We then gave a word, and played basketball with them.

On one of our free days we had the opportunity to enjoy some Brazilian barbecue with one of the school teachers in the area. Her family is not saved, but has opened up their home to use. They have come and visited us along with their children several times, including once at midnight. They also came to visit us when we lead a service in church. We were told that the family hadn't ever been to church. Their children have taken a huge liking to us and we really hope that the love of Christ was able to shine through us and that they see something different in us.

Highlight Testimonies: One night Austin spoke at the main church, the service which was supposed to be only two hours, but turned into an additional hour of prayer. God really moved in the service. Many chains were broken. One of our contacts' assistants also confessed to us afterwards that he felt that he had some sin in his life that God wasn't in approval of and he felt convicted about it. Pamela spoke in spite of her fear of public speaking, which was a huge growing experience for her. Austin was also prophesied over by the youth pastor of the main church and another woman who was in attendance.

Prayer requests: That our contacts would be blessed and refreshed by our visit.That the pastors and church members we poured into would be encouraged in their journey with Christ. That our team members would continue to pursue God and that this trip would be another step in their walk with Christ. Also that the trust and relationships formed would not fade when we leave the field. That the relationships formed here would continue to be built with Junior and Vera and that the people we have worked with would find others that can pour into them and help guide them towards Christ on a steady basis. 


Brazil Amazon

Sunday, May 19th  Email from Callan and Rachel

Summary: After a long few days of flights, with two flight cancellations, a night in Miami, and a night in Rio. We didn’t get to Santarem until Wednesday afternoon, but in the past 4 days we drove out to the village Bom Sessego and worked on building the walls of a church there for 2 days. That first night we were able to connect with the cell group in the community, who encouraged us with their story, and we were able to speak life into them. Other than that, we have been able to relax this weekend and enjoy the culture of Brazil.  We escaped to a resort house on Saturday with a missionary family and enjoyed the scenery.  On Sunday, we visited the biggest PAZ church in Santarem and dove into the local culture by eating at a Churrascarria (Brazilian Steakhouse).  The agenda for next week is a boat trip to a village 5 hours away where we will continue with construction and hopefully be involved in their ministry services.

Highlight Testimonies: It was a blessing going to a community of 250 and helping practically in the expansion of their church.  We got to work closely with the locals and see their joy, hard work, and devotion to this work project.  Although our time in Bom Sessego was short, it gave us a taste of the village life in the Amazon region, as we trekked through the rainforest carrying out wood for the church, slept in hammocks, and discovered the ingenuity of the natives who used creative tactics in accomplish tasks. The blessing was not only in helping the people but seeing their dedication to the spreading of the gospel in nearby villages, which they have already established communication.   We got to join the people in a cell group and shower one another with words of encouragement (through a translator).

At the group, Rachel felt like she was supposed to share a word of empowerment about holding onto God through the hard times and focusing on the purpose and vision that he has given you, even out in the middle of the jungle here in Brazil. The woman pastor was listening, and explained the next morning how that applied directly to her situation- she had just been given 17 churches to oversee on top of all of her other duties and responsibilities, and she felt depressed and discouraged. She also felt very inadequate, and had not been able to sleep for weeks because she was so distressed. After Rachel shared, the woman said it was like God was speaking straight to her and she knew she could do it. She also said that was the first night in almost a month that she was able to sleep soundly and have peace.

As we embark on a boat ride this week, the team is excited to actively participate in the construction projects, the local services, and a medical clinic being put on by another team.  Our highlight is in encountering the Brazilian people, learning from them, and serving and ministering to them.  Brazil is a beautiful place where the gospel is thriving and it is great to be a part of the PAZ ministry.

Prayer requests: Pray for the healing of the Brazilian people, it has been prophesied from various people that healing is going to be a big part of this upcoming boat trip. We want to see God work through these people and for the message of healing to be brought to them. Prayer for our team to stay unified and focused throughout the trip, to stay involved and grow throughout the trip, to be ready to step out of their comfort zone. Pray for volunteers and financial means for the PAZ ministry as they serve the Kingdom, as they face a lack of both means.


Burkina Faso

Sunday May 19th – Blog post

We have been working with a team of missionaries here doing lots of outreaches during the days. We got the opportunity to actually hand out Operation Christmas Child gifts a few days ago. It was one of the coolest moments of my life. If you’re like me, you’ve been making these boxes since you were little. So to get to physically hand a child a box, who has nothing but the clothes on his back, is something I’ll never forget. You never really think it’s real, because you’re never on the other side of the world seeing those precious faces smiling up at you so graciously, just patiently waiting for the only gift they’ve probably ever received.

We’ve all hit the “it’s not fair” stage, but we know and believe that God is moving in this country, and that He is in control. One of the coolest things God’s been speaking to me is how simple His love is. It’s not complicated. It doesn’t cost anything. He loves us because of who He is. And that’s a beautiful thing. These people live so simply, and yet they have some of the most joy I’ve ever seen. It’s contagious and it definitely puts into perspective everything we have back home.

Tomorrow we are leaving for 5 days to go to one of the bigger unreached people groups living in a village about 8 hours from Ouagadougou. We are all really excited and interested to see how God will use us there! We will be building a house of prayer and doing some different outreaches. So far we’ve been able to share the gospel with about 700 people!

If you could all pray for the outreaches we’ll be doing in the villages this week, we would greatly appreciate it! God is speaking and we are growing, so until next time, au revoir!



May 24th E-mail from Daniel Fowler

Please be praying for the health of our team. We've visited 3 schools and two church groups. We are able to go back to all of them for the entirety of the trip. Bobby there is so much opportunity here. We can visit prisons each week, we can go to church services on Sundays. And we can work with urban tribes each night after schools, Very exciting! Our main opposition has been health. So just pray against that. But we have already seen The Lord moving and working in hearts here. Please pray for guidance, discernment and wisdom and courage for the team. Side note, Anna has done an absolutely incredible job of translating.



Sunday, May 19th  E-mail from Taylor

Summary: We have had a great start to our trip! After arriving on site we were given a day to get over some of the jet lag and we went through orientation. On Thursday we began working. We will be spending the next few weeks helping in the foster home with the babies, toddlers, and preschool. The team is also helping run an after school program for the local village children. In addition we have been helping teach a few of the students, nannies, and staff members English. After only two days of interaction all of us are already completely in love with the children and staff here. We cannot wait to spend more time with the incredible people here!

Highlight Testimonies: The children have already been such a blessing to all of us! We are excited to see God move over the next few weeks!

Prayer requests: Please pray against sickness. Pray for God to open up opportunities with the students. Pray for the health of the children

We are safe and doing great!


Dominican Republic

We are excited to have arrived safely in the Dominican Republic and have begun our ministry!



Monday, May 20th  E-mail from Allison

Summary: Greetings from Team Germany! We are having an incredible time and are excited to update you on all the Lord is doing here in Hamburg… I figured it would be easiest to update you by day–

Sunday/Monday Arrival- As you know, we made it with no major travel issues. Praise God! We had excellent flights and were able to connect with our seat mates on all flights and share with them what we were doing in Germany. The woman I sat with even asked me to pray for her! We were able to instantly connect well with our contact as we ate dinner with them and talked about missions and what the Lord is doing in our lives.

Tuesday- Tuesday started off with us going to the YWAM base and meeting some of the core staff there. They gave us an overview of their ministry work in Hamburg and discussed German culture. The team had a great time building relationship with the director's family and other members of the YWAM team. We then went to the KIC program and met a lot of the kids that we'd be working with. After the kid's program, the team got to sit in on a T4T meeting (Training for Trainers). This is a weekly meeting that YWAM supports that gathers believers from across the city and trains them in evangelism. The team loved getting to meet with people from all over the world. This time was very encouraging and special for everyone there. I feel it gave the team a really special introduction to the global body of Christ.

Wednesday- We went to a University Wednesday morning and did street evangelism through walking up to students and engaging in conversation with them. While this really pushed the team out of their comfort zone, it gave them a unique opportunity to share the Gospel. The team has some really cool testimonies from this outreach. Wednesday afternoon the girls participated in a girls group at KIC while the guys played some pickup games of soccer with some local kids. It was such an awesome time to love on some great kids. Wednesday evening we had a game night with the contacts, as well as a Chilean refugee family that's living at the church as well. The Chilean family has three teenage boys, so our guys have really been able to pour into and speak into their lives.

Thursday- Thursday consisted of us working at KIC again. We participated in a Senior Citizen outreach as well as our normal kid's outreach. Again, the team was able to deepen our relationship with the local kids. They love us!

Friday- Friday was our first semi-day off. We did a city tour around Hamburg in the morning and a youth service at the church we're staying at. The team really loved getting to see the city and connect with the local youth. We have a lot of ministerial talented team mates, it's been exciting to see them utilize and grow in their gifts and talents.

Saturday- Saturday brought us back to KIC again to work with the kids at an extended day program. In addition to that, we also served at a youth service where two of us shared our testimonies.

Sunday- We attended church where we've been staying. We were able to sing a song and connect with the church members for a long time afterwards! In addition to that, we also spent a lot of time with all our contacts connecting over movies and snacks.

Monday- For our second day off, we went to a former Concentration Camp and museum outside of Hamburg. This was a powerful experience for each team member. Everyone came away with a greater sense of the persecution of the church and the need for intercession.

Prayer requests: We've been really busy in Hamburg, our team is getting a bit weary. Please pray for renewed and continued strength. Pray also for opportunities to share the Gospel with the Muslim children we're working with.

Thursday May 23rd, via e-mail 

Hello all! Thank you for the prayers!! We've experienced another incredible week and are so grateful for your continued support! 
Here's a breakdown of what we've been up to–
Tuesday: we attended a class on the organic church taught by the YWAM Hamburg leader. This was an incredible time of fellowship and learning. I think it's forever shifted our perspective on church and missional living. That afternoon we went back to KIC and played with the children and then hosted a T4T meeting, where we connected with and encouraged about 15 of the local Christian leaders in Hamburg. 
Wednesday: We had been slated to do an outdoor service project, but due to the weather, we swapped our schedule around and did a bit of an early debriefing. This was an awesome time for our team. After that, we went back to KIC for one last cultural celebration. Here, the kids came dressed in the traditional dress of their countries and shared their culture. At the end, we were able to share the gospel with the kids and speak to them about the love of God for all nations. 
Thursday: Today, we carried out outdoor service projects for our contacts and the church we've been staying at. The contacts were deeply blessed by our work. Tonight we'll be having a farewell dinner before our early flight in the morning. 
As we wrap up our trip, please pray that we can leave a lasting impact on our contacts. 


Sunday, May19th  Email

Summary: On Tuesday night, we arrived in Accra and spent the night in Accra at Bible Church of Africa's guest house.

At 4:30 AM Wednesday morning, we drove to Tamale and arrived at 5:30 PM at the Radach Lodge. We had dinner and met a group of students traveling from the University of Indiana that are studying the Ghanaian culture.

We stayed at Radach Lodge an extra day (Thursday), because Sarah was vomiting and had diarrhea. (We don't know why she was sick, since we all ate the same food, and she didn't drink the water). On Thursday, we were on the radio that is at the Radach Lodge. Also, Jesse, Hannah, Addison, and Alexander went with Pastor Monday to pray for people in the Tamale hospital.

On Friday, Sarah was feeling better, and the team left for Navrong, where we are staying at a hotel for about 9-10 days. The Mirigu project site is about 20-30 minutes away.

On Saturday, we went with Pastor Stephen to the Mirigu project site. We mapped out a map/diagram of where all the buildings and pens needed to be. We mapped out the land as we talked with Pastor Stephen and his crew. We then split up into 3 groups of 2 on the property. One group took pictures of each building site. One group walked around with Abraham to get the dimensions of each building. One group walked around to see the dimensions of the plot of land. The plot of land only has a borehole for water and part of the foundation of the housing built. We tried to skype Blake at noon, but it didn't work. We were finally able to call him. We are now trying to find an engineer to help us buy the supplies for the water management system. We played with the village children as Jesse and Pastor Stephen tried to get a hold of Blake.

On Sunday, we attended the Mirigu Bible Church of Africa and prayed for a family who lost a loved one.

Highlight Testimonies: Sarah's health got better once Addison and several others prayed for her. We finished Mirigu's site plan in one day.

Prayer requests: Prayer for Project Mirigu in that we are able to get the supplies for the water system at a fair price and that we can find an engineer to help us get the supplies. Also, in doing this project, prayer in communicating with the locals and spending our time wisely in doing the project and ministering to locals.

Safety and good health for the remainder of the trip in doing the projects and while traveling.



Blog post on Monday May 20th

This past week has been very busy for us on the Guat Squad. After completing our filter project in Tesoro, we moved to the town of San Andres Itzapa, where we made the actual containers for the filters. To make one  of these, we had to first get the forms set up. these forms were made of four sides and a central "torre" or tower. These were WELL oiled before we went ahead and poured concrete into the forms. The first day we poured concrete, we put mesh on the insides of the concrete, but this was causing the filters to stick to the towers so we made the next 24 filters unreinforced. By Saturday we had made 33 filters, which will have to curte for several days before they are painted and distributed in the town. Saturday morning, we got up bright and early to move to our new location, Casa de Fuego then make papion de galleta, a traditional Guatemalan dish. Basically this is a soup (very delicious) served with rice and tortillas, which we made or attempted to make ourselves. Later that afternoon, we got to help Gerber take the last batch of filters out of the forms. Sunday morning we got to go to church with Luis Carlos, our contact for this week. It was an awesome experience worshipping with people down here in Guatemala. After this we walked through the market in Antigua, honed our bargaining skills and saw some neat Guatemalan craftsmanship. Gerber picked us up later that afternoon to play soccer for a few hours with some friends of his, which was a blast. Today we were working with Luis Carlos doing ministry in schools. The first school we went to was an hour and a half away, but when we got there we found that there was a local festival honoring a saint today, and school was consequently canceled there for the day. So, we drove back to Ciudad Vieja near Antigua and taught three classes with middle school kids. We did some skits and a little teaching on the importance of having a good attitude. It was very refreshing to be able to work with these kids and see how eager they were to learn and have fun with us. We will be working with Luis Carlos the rest of the week and will end the week by heading up a discipleship retreat this weekend.


Guatemala 2

Monday, May 20th  E-mail from Jessica

Summary: A quick update from Guatemala :) The past week has gone by so fast! We have absolutely loved working with Michael and ASELSI. On Monday our team was able to build a chicken coop for a family in one of the communities. On Tuesday our team went with Michael to a home visit where we were able to provide a basket of food for the family. We also had the opportunity to pray over the family and bless them. On Wednesday we did a lot of preparation for our youth leadership conference which begins tonight! The youth leadership conference is Mon, Wed, and Fri every week. Michael has given us a lot of independence to plan the conference. Originally we were only expecting around 30 youth leaders, but Michael informed us tonight there are over 140 people planning on attending! Our goal is to equip and empower local leaders in the churches to reach out to their community. The conference is focusing on the value of unity and the importance of the body of Christ. On Thursday our team was able to speak at ASELSI'S milk program. We were able to give the women basic hygiene tips, perform a drama, and teach them about healing. Many of the women came forward for prayer for their babies to receive healing. Friday our team was able to work on another work project here at ASELSI building a house so a guard is able to be with his family while on duty. That evening we did children's ministry at a feeding program at a local church. Saturday we were given the opportunity to preach at a church as well as put on a children's service. Yesterday we rested. Today we began teaching English at a school where we will be 3x a week for the next two weeks. We are so excited to put on the youth leadership conference tonight called CORDS :) We appreciate your prayers as our team is already growing so much especially in the area of team unity.


Monday May 23rd – Blog post by Azariah

I am glad to report that our whole team has made it safely. It took us a total of two days, 3 flights and over 25 hours of air time to arrive, but we are here and full of expectancy.

We will be working at four different locations, our first being the New Life branch of Intercession India- a partner of Compassion International. Over 300 children ranging from the ages of 3 to 22 attend the program daily. We were given complete freedom to preach Jesus with no restrictions at all.

Saturday was our last day working with the New Life branch of Intercession India. The strong bonds that we had developed with the children and translators in the short time that we had been there shocked us. We had been prepared to encourage, impact and speak life into them, but what we had not expected was for them to do the same to us. As you pray for our team we ask that you please include them in your prayers.

On Sunday morning we were asked to preach at two different churches which meant that the team had to be divided. Jon, Ryan, Nicole, Ashton and myself (Azariah) went to Pastor Sagan’s church. He is the head master of Compassion Ministries and pastor of a local church. He has been our main contact for this past week. Emily, Jenny, Zach and Austin went to Pastor John’s church. Pastor John is our contact for this upcoming week. The girls that had purchased beautiful new Indian clothing were excited to wear it that morning. God absolutely used our team members to bring glory to Him. Both of our amazing leaders, Jon and Emily, preached powerful messages accompanied by testimonies from Zach, Jenny, Austin and Ryan. Ashton, Nicole and I used our musical abilities to lead worship. Both services lasted about 3 hours. This was the first time many of us lead worship, shared testimonies and preached. It was a very stretching and yet rewarding experience. It was so humbling to be used so mightily. Only through God were 9 college students, who for the most part are not theology majors, able to bring the light and love of God to India.

Although we are only a week into our mission trip, God has been speaking into the lives of our team members; confirming and stirring up new callings, directions and purposes for their lives. Despite the days being long and tiresome, we as a team are more energetic and ready to bring God’s love to the people of India as never before.



Monday, May 20th  E-mail from Stephanie

Summary: Greetings again! It is hard to believe that in just 3 days we will be on our way back to Tulsa! This trip has been both challenging and rewarding. 6 of us are currently on a bus headed for the west. We will be spending 2 days in Gallway to let up with some of Phil's ministry friends out there. The other 4 will be driving in the car with Phil. Yesterday we had our second free day and were able to visit a Catholic Church in the village where we are staying and had the opportunity to aim the train to malaise to see a castle. The two days previous to that we worked with an organization called serve the city and did service projects. We primarily did lawn work for shut-ins. It's amazing to think how a simple act of pulling weeds and mowing grass can build a relationship and open the door to share the gospel. Our ministry has been a lot of seed planting. We haven't yet had the opportunity to share the gospel or really open up to anyone. We are doing a lot of prayer and meeting local believers and other people involved with GEM.

Highlight Testimonies: As far as testimonies go, a lot of what we have been doing hasn't been in direct contact with people. However, yesterday on the bus ride back to the village, Kaity struck up a conversation with some teenage girls on the bus. She was able to build report with the girls, then when they asked what she was studying in school, was able to share a bit of her heart. No prayers were prayed and no one was crying, but the simple conversations of meeting people where they are and sharing a bit of hope through conversation to change how people view Christian's is what a lot of ministry is here. Another highlight testimony is how much time we have been able to spend with the GEM contacts. Other than Phil and his wife, we have worked with Jon and Stacy, & Matt and Karen. We have gone over to their house for dinner, prayer walked in their neighborhoods, cleaned the kitchens, Played with their kids, and had conversations.

I am so proud of the team for really taking every opportunity to speak with our contacts and build relationship. I'm typing this email on my itouch on the bus and apologize that it's turning into a novel, so ill conclude with a few brief prayer points.

Prayer requests: We would appreciate prayer for more ministry opportunities; open doors to have conversations with people. For continued safety as we travel by bus and walk in the city center of Dublin, and also for health. And lastly for Phil and the GEM team to be encouraged as they continue to toil away here in Ireland. Ministry is a slow process, and can easily become discouraging when results are seemingly far and few between.

We love you guys!!! 



Tuesday, May 21th  E-mail from Hudson

Summary: This last week has been so amazing. The team has been doing so great, and everything has gone smoothly. We arrived at GMC late Monday night, and have spent the last week doing various work projects and outreaches in the community; primarily serving the disaster victims. The people who serve GMC full time are all incredible. It’s been a tremendous blessing to us getting to know them and hearing their stories. We've done everything from relief and restoration within the disaster areas to relationship building within the refuge communities. There has also been a discipleship training school from an Australian YWAM base serving at GMC this week as well, and it's been so great working alongside them, teaming up on various projects.

Overview of the last week: Wednesday we spent the entire day doing yard work for the relief organization Crash Japan; we completely weeded the yard and worked on mowing and clearing out all dead plants and trees.

Thursday we spent the day at a temporary housing unit for the tsunami and nuclear reactor victims. We passed out food packages to each house and spent time talking to the victims, just loving on them and hearing their stories. It was an incredible day. We instantly connected with several of the victims, it was so neat seeing how much they appreciated having us there.

Friday some of the team went back to the temporary housing, using the connections made on Thursday, we had the opportunity to share the gospel to a family. The rest of the team went to an overgrown rice field where we worked on restoring it to working conditions.

The weekend we attended church service at GMC and then went to a karaoke place with some of the young adults in the church, it was a blast!

Monday we went to some of the disaster sites from the tsunami and nuclear reactor explosions, we spent our time there praying and interceding for the people in the area.

Tuesday we split up between various outreaches and  worked on continuing the ORU missions culture of cleaning up GMC to be better than we found it.

Highlight Testimonies: There have been so many amazing things that have happened. Here are some of the coolest things (I’ll try to keep it short):

We bonded really quickly with the YWAM team. It was a pretty great thing that they happened to be at GMC the same time as us. In just three days, we really got to know each of the eight members of the team and became good friends. They've been doing relief work at GMC for two weeks and we could all just sense a weariness and tiredness within their team. I think it was really refreshing and encouraging for the both of us to just hangout and serve alongside each other. They are some amazing people. We are going to try and meet up with them in Tokyo as well.

Daisuke (Dye-Skey) and Ryota (Yo-tah) are both volunteers here at GMC. Neither speaks really any English at all, but we've pretty much included them in everything that we've done as a team. We've barely been here for a week, yet both keep commenting about how much they don't want us to leave because we are friends now. I think we've really gotten to encourage them just by be-friending them and hanging out with them.

When our team first went to the temporary housing for the disaster victims, several of the girls instantly connected with an older lady. She spoke no English, but she became really close to several of our girls. This was just in one days’ time, and when it was time to go, there were tears both from her and our team because the connection was so strong. The next day, the girls were able to return and pretty much spent the whole day with her just loving on her and listening to her talk. This led to opportunity to tell the gospel story to her and plant a seed into her life. It was an amazing thing to witness.

Prayer requests: Healing and wholeness in each team member's bodies.  Tomorrow morning we travel back to Tokyo. Safety for the team and grace/wisdom for our entire luggage. Divine opportunities in Tokyo to connect with people and share the gospel.

The team is doing so great. Lexy and I couldn't be more proud of them and how they've been so far. Each member has been so helpful and gracious. We are truly honored to be serving alongside them. It’s been an incredible first week.



Sunday, May 19th  Email from Brandon and Nicole


Teaching after school program, Teaching English and Math, Bible stories and skits, Singing songs, laying games and laying with children, Harvesting corn, Testimonies, and Different small tasks

Testimonies: The biggest testimony is the fact that the contact has told us several times that we are a blessing to him and the people we are serving. Also, our team has learned so much from the culture and people here.  

Prayer requests: Overall health for the team, and Safety physically, emotionally and spiritually.


South Africa Business

Friday, May 17th  E-mail from Vlad

Summary: It has been a great week filled with various opportunities for ministry.  I thought that the majority of ministry was going to be done through Business consulting and collaboration with the three different organizations, but i quickly realized that church and youth ministry was the forefront of this organization (LCF) and that it would be the main ministry site.  We were able to lead the LCF youth service on the first night in town, with about 30 minutes to prepare (scenario!).  The crowd was receptive but still a bit shy.  After the meeting we were able to hang out with the teens and build some friendships.  That night set up the Friday night youth leadership meeting.  There were over 40 students that pilled in the room with about 10+ leaders.  We lead worship, did a few icebreakers and did a full blown message on the value of leadership. Tomorrow (Saturday) we will spend the day with the church in Vanderbijlpark, we will join the kids in a day of farming and ministry.  Over the past two days we have been part of a men’s' ministry, weekly LCF morning prayer, website set up for Fakkel and June Nichols schools.  Dr. Sakkie Oliver did not lie when he said he was going to give us the full experience of South African ministry and business practice.  The team is excited and ready for the ministry.   We have the benefit of having a few hours off in the late afternoon and having a specific day for outing every week :).

Highlight Testimonies: The youth leadership night this last Friday was powerful! As i stated earlier, our team did a great job leading the night and we finished off with a powerful night of worship and prayer.  Out of the 40 teens, 20 came up to pray for a spiritual awakening in the walk with Christ.  There were guys and girls who broke down crying while seeking The Lord in worship.  Sakkie said he and the LCF team have been praying for a breakthrough in the teens and in the local towns… we saw that tonight.  We are expectant to see more miracles and breakthroughs. 

Prayer requests: Please pray for our team unity and for the upcoming ministry that will take in outside churches (Vanderbijlpark) and others.  We also want to lift up the communities in South Africa; there is still a sense of racial oppression and discrimination, even within the local church communities.  We want God to guide us as we are helping and ministering to administration in the Fakkel School for disabled children.

South Africa Soccer

Sunday, May 19th  E-mail from Deb and Jon

Summary:  During this first week while being in Cape Town, we have gotten a lot of orientation from All Nations about the ministries they are doing in the area.  As well as, culture and needs of the communities we are working in.  We also got orientation from Ubuntu and spent last Wednesday with the academy they have in Ocean View.  We had our first outreaches (they look like prayer walks and door-to-door evangelism) in Masiphumelele and Ocean View this past week. 

Testimony:  Last Thursday, the team and I walked around the township of Masi.  Masi is a community that is full of poverty, domestic abuse, and drug and alcohol abuse.  It is heartbreaking the things the people in the community go through. 

Amber and Matt did prayer walk with Gloria, one of the national people involved with All Nations.  Gloria took Amber and Matt to visit a woman that she knew and the woman shared her story and the trials and tribulations that she has been going through recently.  The woman's story is heartbreaking, full of violence and experiencing no protection (even from the police), and the story broke Amber and Matt's heart. At the end of their time with the woman they were able to pray with her and during their prayer they allowed the Holy Spirit to come into their midst and work in the woman's life. 

Prayer requests:  For the next week, of doing evangelism and working in the townships, the team's eyes will be opened, we will be bold in our evangelism, everyone on the team will step out of our comfort zone, and there will be opportunities to share God and His love with the people of Sun Valley. 


Saturday, May 18th E-mail

Summary: We have been traveling all week. After flying in on Monday night and staying at the FPCT Mission, we drove the next 2 days, 10 hours the first day and 20 hours the second day. The team has been doing very well even though we are already physically exhausted. The day after the 20 hour drive, we moved 1,500 bricks in Kansansa. It took most of the day and then we loaded the trailer and truck to drive the next day (Friday). Friday we drove from Kansansa to Mpanda.

The trip so far has been a lot of traveling and we are expecting the rest of the trip to be similar, especially once we start distributing Bibles. Tori is planning on having several Bible distributing teams once we set up camp in Ugaraba. Some foot teams and a couple bike teams with a translator.

The team has experienced exhaustion and small scratches/bruises from the day’s work.

Prayer requests: We definitely need prayer for traveling safety and protection as we are still traveling north past Mpanda approximately 7 more hours today. Pray for team unity and constant encouragement amongst the team. We are having a great trip so  far and everyone is healthy. No one has gotten sick. Pray for Tori and his strength to lead this team as he continues his mission to unreached people groups.


We have arrived safely in Thailand! We have begun our work with  Santisuk English School located in city of Bangkok teaching English classes in the school and build personal relationships with students ranging from junior high to college age level. 



Monday, May 20  E-mail from John


Upon Arrival to Entebee last Monday night, we traveled 8 hours away to Kansenane where we are staying. We are staying in a beautiful guest house, and are ministering in the surrounding villages. We have been doing Seminars during the day and Crusades at night on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and all this week. Seminars are where the entire team preaches to the church body, where crusades are where we set up in a village and preach the gospel message. These have been very successful so far, and we have heard great reports that we are really making an impact.

Highlight Testimonies: As we have been sharing at the crusades, we have seen at least 7

salvations from people that have come to the stage and confessed Christ.

Madison, our member that brought her guitar, has already taught Benjamin, our contacts son who is 12 years old, how to play guitar, and he has been playing American songs in his language. It's been amazing!

I have seen great growth in some of the team members that have not had much experience preaching or sharing Christ, as me and Meka have been really pushing them out of their comfort zones and have seen them grow in speaking already.

Prayer requests: We will be traveling a lot starting the end of this week, so will be driving and staying at different places the rest of the trip. Pray for safety in our travels and lodging. Pray for God to continue to speak to our team concerning messages to share with the people of Uganda that we will be preaching to. For team unity, as our team has been very united so far and we will stay united as we begin traveling.



Saturday, May 18th  Email from Alina

Summary: Worked with Rafshan on planning for the summer camps that we leave for on the 26th

Help a church reconstruct their new bought place to begin services.

We worked with tartar men from the christian rehab center.

Spent much time meeting different people important to the contacts

Tartar women bible study on Thursday night

Prayer requests: For our contacts, they are going through many transitions, preparing to move right after we leave. 

For wisdom to serve as best and effective as we came