We are in Brazil!

River Communities

After a long few days of flights, with two flight cancellations, a
night in Miami, and a night in Rio. We didn’t get to Santarem until
Wednesday afternoon, but in the past 4 days we drove out to the
village Bom Sessego and worked on building the walls of a church there
for 2 days. That first night we were able to connect with the cell
group in the community, who encouraged us with their story, and we
were able to speak life into them. Other than that, we have been able
to relax this weekend and enjoy the culture of Brazil. We escaped to
a resort house on Saturday with a missionary family and enjoyed the
scenery. On Sunday, we visited the biggest PAZ church in Santarem and
dove into the local culture by eating at a Churrascarria (Brazilian
Steakhouse). The agenda for next week is a boat trip to a village 5
hours away where we will continue with construction and hopefully be
involved in their ministry services.

Acclimating to the Heat and humidity, language barrier, focus.

Highlight Testimonies
It was a blessing going to a community of 250 and helping practically
in the expansion of their church. We got to work closely with the
locals and see their joy, hard work, and devotion to this work
project. Although our time in Bom Sessego was short, it gave us a
taste of the village life in the Amazon region, as we trekked through
the rainforest carrying out wood for the church, slept in hammocks,
and discovered the ingenuity of the natives who used creative tactics
in accomplish tasks. The blessing was not only in helping the people
but seeing their dedication to the spreading of the gospel in nearby
villages, which they have already established communication. We got
to join the people in a cell group and shower one another with words
of encouragement (through a translator). At the group, Rachel felt
like she was supposed to share a word of empowerment about holding
onto God through the hard times and focusing on the purpose and vision
that he has given you, even out in the middle of the jungle here in
Brazil. The woman pastor was listening, and explained the next morning
how that applied directly to her situation- she had just been given 17
churches to oversee on top of all of her other duties and
responsibilities, and she felt depressed and discouraged. She also
felt very inadequate, and had not been able to sleep for weeks because
she was so distressed. After Rachel shared, the woman said it was like
God was speaking straight to her and she knew she could do it. She
also said that was the first night in almost a month that she was able
to sleep soundly and have peace.

As we embark on a boat ride this week, the team is excited to actively
participate in the construction projects, the local services, and a
medical clinic being put on by another team. Our highlight is in
encountering the Brazilian people, learning from them, and serving and
ministering to them. Brazil is a beautiful place where the gospel is
thriving and it is great to be a part of the PAZ ministry.

Prayer Requests
Pray for the healing of the Brazilian people, it has been prophesied
from various people that healing is going to be a big part of this
upcoming boat trip. We want to see God work through these people and
for the message of healing to be brought to them.
Prayer for our team to stay unified and focused throughout the trip,
to stay involved and grow throughout the trip, to be ready to step out
of their comfort zone.
Pray for volunteers and financial means for the PAZ ministry as they
serve the Kingdom, as they face a lack of both means.

Callan, Rachel, and the Amazing Team Brazil