Cochabamba, Bolivia


Well, we made it! And we've never stopped since then!

Here's some things that the team is saying about this week so far! This week has been avsoluetly incredible! Everything about Cochabamba is beautiful-the scenery, the culture, but most of all the people. They are so welcoming and kind. We've learned a lot from the people and the culture here that has truly impacted us. Our week has been full of amazing ministry opportunities. Not only have we been able to love on children, feed the homless, and visit families in the poorest part of Cochabama, but we've also been able to put on a worship conference at the local church in town! God is so good!

We've been in Cochabamba Bolivia for about a week now and time has been flying! And during the week, we have been going and going and really have not had much of a break at all. On Tuesday we jumped right into children's inistry at schools. We have seen many come into the kingdom of God and are so excited about what God is doing. We have prepared skits, testimonies, dramas, magic tricks (with cards), songs, soccer and an evanga ball ( a soccer ball with the colors on it that can be explained) and so much more. All of which are tools to lead people to the kingdom of God.

On Weds, we did more of the same ministry at schools, except with teens. This was different than Tuesday and we prepared more skits relating to youth and testimonies. We really wanted them to know not to conform to the patterns of this world, but to renew their hearts onto Christ. On Thurs and Sat, we switched gears and jumped into more different minsitry. We reached out to the orphans, the unwanted people of Cochabamba who have to sniff glue simply have to sniff glue to get a high. They have no money and are so poor that they cannot even afford food, and sleep out in the street and in the park in downtown Cochabama. This was very challenging to see but our team just tried to love them all the way through it.  We got to share the love of Christ with them though, and hope that this is just the beginning of what He will do in their lives. 

Thanks for all your support and prayers, and we're sad that time is coming to an end in Bolivia.

God Bless,

Danny McCarthy