Bonjour from Burkina Faso!

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Bonjour from Burkina Faso!

We arrived safe and sound on Tuesday night after traveling to Atlanta, Paris, and finally, to Burkina. Man, they were not exaggerating when they said it was HOT! You literally walk outside and feel the sweat all over your body. But to say that the flights, the heat, the exhaustion, are worth it, is 100% an understatement.

We have been working with a team of missionaries here doing lots of outreaches during the days. We got the opportunity to actually hand out Operation Christmas Child gifts a few days ago. It was one of the coolest moments of my life. If you’re like me, you’ve been making these boxes since you were little. So to get to physically hand a child a box, who has nothing but the clothes on his back, is something I’ll never forget. You never really think it’s real, because you’re never on the other side of the world seeing those precious faces smiling up at you so graciously, just patiently waiting for the only gift they’ve probably ever received.

These kids are definitely stealing our hearts. It’s amazing to see how you can connect with a child who speaks a different language and you literally know 4 words of what they’re saying. All you need is something to make them laugh. We’ve found that follow the leader, the hokey pokey, and cameras have been very easy ways to reach them. We do lots of skits, puppet shows, and testimonies with the help of our friends here who speak More and French.We have been able to play soccer a few times with the kids, which is super fun and definitely draining because of the heat.

Seriously, this heat is unreal. We’ve never sweat so much in our lives!
I think I can speak for my whole team when I say this trip has been “hard but good.” I mean, these people are so welcoming, and to see how little they have is heartbreaking. There are children everywhere! It’s so cool to see how the kids take care of each other. They have no other choice. One of the hardest parts for our team was seeing the schools. It’s hard for me to describe just how poor it is, but think of the tiniest room with dirt floors, and a chalkboard. And on top of that, it being hotter in there than it is outside. It’s hard to imagine.

We’ve all hit the “it’s not fair” stage, but we know and believe that God is moving in this country, and that He is in control. One of the coolest things God’s been speaking to me is how simple His love is. It’s not complicated. It doesn’t cost anything. He loves us because of who He is. And that’s a beautiful thing. These people live so simply, and yet they have some of the most joy I’ve ever seen. It’s contagious and it definitely puts into perspective everything we have back home.

Tomorrow we are leaving for 5 days to go to one of the bigger unreached people groups living in a village about 8 hours from Ouagadougou. We are all really excited and interested to see how God will use us there! We will be building a house of prayer and doing some different outreaches. So far we’ve been able to share the gospel with about 700 people!

If you could all pray for the outreaches we’ll be doing in the villages this week, we would greatly appreciate it! God is speaking and we are growing, so until next time, au revoir!

Team Burkina Faso