Haciendo los filtros

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This past week has been very busy for us on the Guat Squad. After completing our filter project in Tesoro, we moved to the town of San Andres Itzapa, where we made the actual containers for the filters. To make one  of these, we had to first get the forms set up. these forms were made of four sides and a central "torre" or tower. These were WELL oiled before we went ahead and poured concrete into the forms. The first day we poured concrete, we put mesh on the insides of the concrete, but this was causing the filters to stick to the towers so we made the next 24 filters unrenforced. By saturday we had made 33 filters, which will have to curte for several days before they are painted and distributed in the town. Saturday morning, we got up bright and early to move to our new location, Casa de Fuego then make papion de galleta, a traditional Guatemalan dish. Basically this is a soup (very delicious) served with rice and tortillas, which we made or attempted to make ourselves. Later that afternoon, we got to help Gerber take the last batch of filters out of the forms. Sunday morning we got to go to church with Luis Carlos, our contact for this week. It was an awesome experience worshipping with people down here in Guatemala. After this we walked through the market in Antigua, honed our bargaining skills and saw some neat Guatamalan craftmanship. Gerber picked us up later that afternoon to play soccer for a few hours with some friends of his, which was a blast. Today we were working with Luis Carlos doing ministry in schools. The first school we went to was an hour and a half away, but when we got there we found that there was a local festical honoring a saint today, and school was concequently canceled there for the day. So, we drove back to Ciudad Vieja near Antigua and taught three classes with middle school kids. We did some skits and a little teaching on the importance of having a good attitude. It was very refreshing to be able to work with these kids and see how eager they were to learn and have fun with us. We will be working with Luis Carlos the rest of the week and will end the week by heading up a dicsipleship retreat this weekend. 

  1. suesue05-27-2013

    Hey Justice and team,

    What a joy reading of all that you have accomplished! Not to mention your enthusiasm in all things. Lord Bless you all!  Sue