We’re going to Japan!

I am writing to you from the Seattle airport as we are about to board our final flight, taking us to Tokyo Japan. I just wanted to share some things that the Lord has done in the past few weeks. I think the biggest news is that as of early april, our team’s trip is 100% funded! It was incredible watching money pour in from literally all across the globe in order to help our team make the funding deadline. Within a 6 month window, the Lord provided 11 full-time college students, most of whom have no jobs or sources of income with over $37,000. Around $15,000 of our funds came in the final week of our deadline. The team and I are completely blown away by how faithful God is, there are truly no words to express his great grace and goodness.
Some other big news is that ropes, our mission training week was absolutely incredible. This last week was an amazing time of practical training, spiritual growth and team bonding. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen the Lord move as much among so many different people as I witnessed him move this last week. Our team was stretched in so many different ways and it was absolutely amazing to see the Lord move among our team’s hearts. I can honestly say that after this week, or heart for the Japanese people was expanded so much. The Lord really developed a genuine love for people among each of us this week. It was absolutely incredible. I honestly can’t think of a better group of people to be heading overseas with to share the love of God. Every member of this team is incredible and God is going to use us mightily.
In closing, I would like to ask that you keep our team in your prayers whenever you think about it. We are about to board our final flight and we will be in Tokyo very soon! I know that the Lord has huge things planned for this trip and I believe that prayer is a vital part of seeing the Lord’s will fulfilled. Listed below are some of the prayer points that I am asking friends and family to agree with us on.

– The hearts of every single person that our team comes in contact with would be open and receptive to receiving the love of God.
– The Japanese people would not hold so tightly to tradition that they cannot embrace the changes that comes with the message of Christ.
– We would see supernatural healings and manifestations of God’s presence, evidenced by the workings of the Holy Spirit while in Japan.
– God would open doors for divine relationships and connections with the people of Japan. Through these open doors, we want to show compassion and love to the Japanese people in a real way. Our prayer is that these relationships would allow for opportunities to share the gospel and the message of salvation. Also, that our team’s relationships with the Japanese people would allow us to connect them to the ministries in Japan so that they may be discipled.
– Our team would be a unified team, walking in grace, peace and love. That God would bless the friendships between each member of the team, and that we would be filled with strength, boldness and confidence to witness and share the gospel.

Thank you so much and God Bless!
– Hudson Ford, and all of Team Japan

Shown is our team on the final day of ropes with our amazing MC, Chelsea.