Pre-departure Update

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This past week Manteam experienced a powerful week at ORU Missions Rope training. We prepared physically, mentally, and spiritually for our trip. We were stretched and pulled in several directions during this time. We have stood the course and are now well prepared for our trip and ministry in Tanzania Africa.

We are leaving May 12 at noon and will not return until June 10. 

We have several team prayer requests for those interceding on our behalf: 

1. Endurance: Our contact in Tanzania has told us that this trip will cause us to be extremely exhausted as we are pushed physically. Please pray for us to rely on God's strength and each other at all times.

2. Healing: We have several guys on the team who have minor pains/injuries in need of continual prayer. Daniel's lower back and knees have been bothering him this week. Ryan has some major allergy issues. Michael Smith's allergies and left hamstring have been a slight issue. Seth sprained his right ankle 2 months ago and it is still sore.

3. Spiritual alertness: Pray that we are sensitive and discerning of the people around us. 

For Tanzania:

1. Our contact: Tori is a passionate man of God who denies himself every day. Pray for strength for him and his ministry. He trains up pastors and plants churches. All we want to do while we are there is to help Tori and advance his ministry in Tanzania since he has been there for numerous years and will be there for years after we leave.

2. The people: Pray that the people of Tanzania would be able to understand God's truth through the New Testament Swahili Bibles that we distribute. Pray for the Tanzanians communities and relationships amongst one another. Pray that God's love and truth would be contagious and sustainable long-term in Tanzania.

Thank you so much for praying with us and for us! We know that God is going to use each and every one of us to bring his love and truth to the country of Tanzania. We will try to give updates of our trip weekly, but that may not be reasonable due to the conditions we will be living in. We will update you as soon as we can. Thanks again for reading and supporting!