¡Vamos al Guatemala!

Team Guatemala

¡Que bueno! Well folks, we all made it through ropes and are now on the brink of setting out for Guatemala. We have had our strength tried, tested, and built over our week in ropes training. While at the beginning of the course we may have thought that we were a solid team, being stretched physically, mentally, spiritaully, and emotionally together has helped us to meld into a much more solid team. This course has shown us our weaknesses, but also, our strengths and how we "fit" into the team. Something that our team has really learned this past week is that we can always rely on God to help us through, and also we can lean on and trust each other no matter what. Last night we has our commissioning service, and the Holy Spirit really showed up as we were praying for one another. Word after word of encouragement and insight was given to the team for each of our members. It was a heavenly capstone to a great week.