South Africa Business

This has been a great first week! We started working on our projects at the beginning of the week with the different schools and the farm outside of Johannesburg. We have also been ministering to the youth at Life Christian Foundation, our contact and the organization that has welcomed us to South Africa. 

We've also got the opportunity to speak in the public schools in the Vanderbijl Park, the city we are residing in. The results have been awesome! Everywhere we go, we get the opportunity to pray for people, and we've even had the chance to lead kids to Christ! The life of a highschooler is much tougher here than in the United States. Kids are faced with alcohol, drugs and rape on a daily basis, getting the chance to minister to them and hear their stories has been an increadible experience. We've even had schools call LCF trying to get us to come to minister at their schools.