Guat Squad


Well folks, we made it. Thanks to the generous support of those of you who donated to fund our trip to Guatemala this summer, we are a little under two weeks away from actually being in Guatemala. At the beginning of the day when we had our 100% funding we were still around $800 short of where we needed to be as a team. However, the Lord provided and by 5 o'clock we were only $40 short of funding, which was covered by pledges that hadn't come in at that time. So here we are, ready to serve the people of Guatemala, though before we can go, we get to go through ORU Missions ropes. For all of the team besides our leadership this will be our first time through this ropes course. We are all very excited to see what is in store for us this coming week as we grow closer together as a team, and in the following month as we demonstrate the love of Christ through serving others. Hasta el tiempo que viene, adios!