Hola! Me llamo Ope. These are few of the phrases I have learned in the four days I’ve been in the Dominican Republic. We have all been having a great time here with Dr. Dora and the rest of the YWAM staff. From the worship to the food to the clinics and the time we’ve spent together as a team, we’ve had a great time. We have laughed together, spoken into each other’s lives and encouraged each other. We’ve given glory to God for successes we’ve achieved on different levels.

Right now, we’ve had three days of clinics at different locations; we went to a church twice and today we had the clinic at a school for deaf and mute kids. The clinics have been great times to both learn about both the physical and the spiritual parts of medicine. We’ve been able to marry both our faiths and science together to help those who are sick.

I had the opportunity to pray for those who came to the clinic and were seen by the doctor, and also to help put together the doses that they need for their treatment. I’ve also had the opportunity to watch Dr. Dora work and her life has been encouragement to continue in the path that I am on. She stresses the importance of faith and medicine like no one and this really encourages me to keep the faith and also strive to learn ways that will help to bring healing to others.

Tonight we went out for street evangelism and we acted out two dramas that we learned when we came on Sunday and even though we’ve always seen ourselves as analytical people, we realized that we have some talents in us that we can use to preach the gospel, not only those we use at school. It was great to see people surrender their lives to Christ and to say that they would share the gospel with their neighbors.

The Lord has been working wonders through the street evangelism ministry and the clinics here in Santo Domingo, and we’re grateful to him.

Please pray for strength and more grace for the whole team as we near the end of the trip, so that we can finish strong.

Right now, it’s almost midnight and I have to go to bed, but I could write so much more about the fun it has been with Josué our guide and the kids at the different clinics, but I have to go to bed, so on this note, as the Dominicans would say,

Buenas Noches!

Dios Te Bendigas!