Hey this is Bri. Saturday night was the first night we were here on the YWAM base. The base is a huge house. When we arrived, over 60 children were living in the house for a retreat. We had orientation and then prepared to go do outreach on the street across town. Right before we were about to leave, it started to pour down rain. So the contacts brought us all together, our team, another group, and all the kids to pray the rain would stop. We prayed for a while and then one of the contacts told us to be thankful for the rain. We got ready to leave for outreach and as we were getting in the vans, the rain stopped. We went across town and started evangelizing. The majority of our team went door-to-door reaching out to the people.  I stayed in a van full of Dominican kids. It was so much fun. I got to speak so much Spanish with them and see the immense faith that they have. They prayed for the people who were out witnessing and for the rain to stop again because it started up again. After a while, we got out of the van and joined the rest of the group in the street. The other group from the States performed a drama and many people accepted Christ while we were there. It was a great experience. We went back to the base and finally got to go to bed. We got up early for breakfast and had worship before heading to church. We went to church and it was a great experience, even though we were all very tired. After returning to the base, our group was taught two different dramas to use for ministry during this week. It was hilarious to see all our team members break out of their shells to participate. Then we learned how to do vitals, like blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, etc. We got to know Dr. Dora, who is an absolute blessing. She has spoken so much to us already and it has already been one day.   Then we had a team meeting and we have had a marvelous time together. This trip has been amazing and we have just gotten started. We have high hopes for the clinic tomorrow. Pray for healing for all those that we encounter!