Chancellor Oral Roberts, the founder of ORU believed that the mission of this university was to bring healing not just to man’s physical body but also to the “totality of his needs.” In 1976, this purpose led to the creation of ORU Missions and Outreach, to do just that, to create opportunities for students to “bring healing to man in the totality of his needs” and to “show our Christian concern to humanity.”
The Missions program sends out ORU student-led short term missions trips during their spring and summer breaks. Our focus is to be a strategic short term investment to the long term work of the organizations we partner with. The focus of the trips range from construction to education to sports, but in all that we do, we seek to communicate the greatest story ever told, the Gospel.
The Community Outreach program encourages students to reach out to hurting people in the Tulsa area, and to bring them the gospel. Outreaches range from feeding the homeless, to mentoring children, to constructing homes. We also partner with several local organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters, Habitat for Humanity etc, to reach out and serve the needy people in Tulsa.
Be part of what God is doing this year at ORU Missions and Outreach. This year, we are sending out 30 different teams to all over the world, in all 5 continents. We need your support to help take the gospel and Christ’s love to all these nations, and even here in our own homeland.